Posted: January 24, 2008

Herzan Introduces The NanoVault

(Nanowerk News) As nanotechnology research achieves higher and higher levels of precision, maintaining a quiet environment for instruments becomes critical. With this in mind, Herzan has announced the newest addition to its family of high performance acoustic enclosures: The NanoVault.
The NanoVault achieves an extremely high level of noise reduction and boasts an array of exciting new features. This new enclosure will allow high precision researchers to achieve a lower noise floor than previously possible.
Nano vault
By employing an array of sound-damping materials and structural innovations, the NanoVault provides the ideal environment for conducting sensitive experiments. The NanoVault offers noise reduction over a broad frequency spectrum, achieving up to 50 dB reduction at 2,000 Hz. A damped frame eliminates structural resonances and unique barrier design ensures an airtight seal.
In addition to nanotechnology research, the NanoVault is suited for quality assurance and product testing in noisy production environments. Other applications include failure analysis, materials analysis, cell biology, and general microscopy. The enclosure can be customized to suit any application.
For more information, please visit or write to [email protected]
Herzan LLC is a comprehensive environmental solutions provider to the high precision research market. Herzan has its headquarters in Laguna Hills, CA, and employs sales and service staff throughout the United States, Europe, and East Asia.
Source: Herzan
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