Posted: January 24, 2008

SEMATECH Announces 2008 SEMATECH Knowledge Series

(Nanowerk News) SEMATECH President and CEO Mike Polcari today announced the 2008 SEMATECH Knowledge Series (SKS), a lineup of seminal public meetings on critical issues affecting the semiconductor industry.
Fully or substantially sponsored by SEMATECH or the International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), this year’s SKS meetings focus on leading-edge trends in next-generation lithography, materials and methods to enhance transistor and back-end development, and ways to improve manufacturing efficiency and yield. All are open to the public, with several accepting sponsorships and exhibits.
“SKS meetings are unique opportunities to bring the nanoelectronics industry together to focus on accelerating technology innovations and manufacturing solutions,” Polcari said. “We recognize our responsibility, on behalf of our members, to provide industry stewardship and enhance global cooperation. The SKS continues to provide important forums for fostering dialogue and creating industry consensus.”
Through hundreds of technical papers, presentations, group and panel discussions, and poster sessions, experts at SKS meetings:
  • Rank critical issues required to bring R&D concepts to commercial production
  • Focus on ways to extend the use of current materials and methods in the face of increasing costs
  • Share data and methodologies for lowering manufacturing costs and increasing productivity in both existing and next-generation fabs
  • Guide the industry in seeking effective and manufacturable solutions for future technology generations
  • Build on critical supplier and manufacturer relationships required to accelerate innovation
  • The 2008 SKS meetings, grouped by technology focus, are listed below. Other meetings may be added during the remainder of the year; updates are posted at
    SEMATECH Litho Forum - 12-14 May 2008; Bolton Landing (Lake George), NY
    Third in a series of biannual forums designed to help generate industry consensus on future lithography roadmap options, SEMATECH’s 2008 Litho Forum provides a fair and balanced view of the major lithography technologies and their potential to meet 32nm, 22nm, and future half-pitch nodes. This forum is structured so that participants have the opportunity to provide assessments of the readiness of these technologies, and focus on the best solutions for bringing them into manufacturing when needed.
    EUV Source Workshop - 12 May 2008; Bolton Landing (Lake George), NY
    In 2008, the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) output power of a fully integrated EUV lithography source is projected to increase from 0.8 W to approximately 100 W. This workshop will review the progress made in source performance and provide an overview of the critical challenges and technology developments of EUV lithography sources. The objective of the workshop is to develop an understanding of the current status and performance of these lithography sources and identify the remaining challenges in EUV source technology. Held in conjunction with the SEMATECH Litho Forum.
    Workshop on Optical Lithography at 22nm and 16nm - 15 May 2008; Bolton Landing (Lake George), NY
    Third in a series of technical workshops on optical lithography, this one-day workshop, Approaching the Optical Limit, will focus on practical solutions to achieving 22nm and 16nm half pitch patterning using immersion lithography and its extensions. Held in conjunction with the SEMATECH Litho Forum.
    5th International Symposium on Immersion Lithography Extensions - 22-25 September 2008; The Hague, Netherlands
    Now in its fifth year, this symposium continues to focus on the progress in 193 nm high-index immersion lithography and other extensions to optical lithography, and to build consensus on how the industry will address emerging critical issues. IMEC, in cooperation with SEMATECH and Selete, will host this year’s symposium.
    2008 International Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography - 28 September – 2 October 2008; Lake Tahoe, California
    The EUVL Symposium is part of SEMATECH’s ongoing commitment to help develop the technology and infrastructure for extreme ultraviolet lithography, including sources, masks, optics, resists, contamination control, and metrology. Hosted by SEMATECH in cooperation with Selete, EUVA, and the EUV CRC.
    SEMATECH Advanced Mask Cleaning Workshop - October 2008 (exact date TBD); Monterey, California
    This meeting provides a forum for those concerned with advanced mask cleaning issues to share data, identify critical issues, and define potential cooperative projects.
    Advanced Technologies
    SEMATECH Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference - 31 March – 2 April, 2008; Austin, Texas
    This conference—which brings together the leading researchers from the semiconductor industry and the university community—focuses on advanced wafer and mask cleaning and surface preparation technologies. Speakers and participants will explore current developments and ITRS challenges in wafer and mask cleaning, including wafer front-end, wafer back-end, advanced mask, and environment, safety and health issues for the 32nm node and beyond.
    International Symposium on Advanced Gate Stack Technology - 28 September – 1 October, 2008; Austin, Texas
    This Symposium focuses on the technical challenges for high-k/metal gate stack implementation in the 32 nm technology node and beyond, including high-performance high-mobility channels, low power technology, and flash memory gate stacks. The symposium features numerous leading experts in the field presenting their latest research in both invited and contributed talks, and a discussion panel of representatives from major semiconductor device makers and academia.
    SEMATECH 3D Workshops - July 2008 (exact date TBD), San Francisco, CA
    Additional workshop dates to be announced
    Stacking layers of silicon with through-silicon vias—3D ICs—can improve electrical performance, shrink device size, enable the integration of heterogeneous devices, lower power consumption, and reduce cost. However, 3D ICs can exacerbate thermal problems and will require new thinking in terms of architecture, design, and test. SEMATECH will continue to host a series of workshops to address the design, test, equipment and thermal challenges associated with this innovative, new technology.
    AEC/APC Symposia
    31 March - 2 April 2008; 9th AEC/APC European Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel
    4-8 October 2008; AEC/APC Symposium XIX North America, Salt Lake City, Utah
    27-28 November, 2008; AEC/APC Asia, Hsin-chu, Taiwan
    These ISMI-sponsored symposia covering advanced equipment control and advanced process control (AEC/APC) are held three times a year (North America, Europe, Asia) to bring IC manufacturers and suppliers together to accelerate the industry toward more efficient and more intelligent manufacturing through automated data-driven decision making.
    ISMI Manufacturing Week - 20-23 October 2008; Austin, Texas
    ISMI Manufacturing Week features two full days of workshops and short courses on leading-edge technologies, followed by the 5th Annual ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness, the industry’s only symposium focused entirely on increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing expenses through advances in equipment, processes, resources, fab design, and manufacturing methods. Additional information about the latest products, services and novel ideas for increasing profits can be found at the supplier exhibits throughout the entire week.
    Other Industry-wide Events
    International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) Conferences
    Summer Conference, 16 July 2008; San Francisco, California
    Winter Conference, December 2008 (exact date TBD); Seoul, Korea
    These public conferences offer technologists and strategists from the manufacturing and supplier communities the opportunity to participate in building the next ITRS by providing input to the working group teams of industry and research experts who revise the semiconductor industry Roadmap.
    SEMATECH and ISMI Symposia - 2008
    Taiwan Symposium, Fall 2008 (exact date TBD); Hsin-chu, Taiwan
    Japan Symposium, Fall 2008 (exact date TBD); Tokyo, Japan
    Senior executives and managers from SEMATECH and ISMI will hold symposia in Taiwan and Japan to present program updates and examples of how SEMATECH’s models for consortial R&D are accelerating the next technology revolution worldwide. Public sessions will focus on key technology, manufacturing, and business issues in today’s global semiconductor industry, with opportunities for networking; member-only sessions will be devoted to reviewing program activities, technology transfer, and member feedback.
    For 20 years, SEMATECH® (, the global consortium of leading semiconductor manufacturers, has set global direction, enabled flexible collaboration, and bridged strategic R&D to manufacturing. Today, we continue accelerating the next technology revolution with our nanoelectronics and emerging technology partners.
    Source: Sematech
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