Posted: January 28, 2008

ISO Certification for Capsulution NanoScience AG

(Nanowerk News) At the end of last year, the Capsulution NanoScience AG received certification of its management system according to the ISO EN 9001 norm by the MOODY International Certification GmbH. The certification acknowledged the customer-oriented character of our management system and made special notice regarding its emphasis on inner efficiency.
Due to the high quality requirements of customers in national and international markets, the certification according DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 maintains a high standing in its allocation as well as with the systematic and target-oriented processing of contracts. “For the marketing of our drug-delivery systems, it is very important that we already comply with standards required by industry at an early phase”, explains Alexander Herrmann, CFO of the company.
In the course of the international MOODY audit, all company processes were investigated. During the closing meeting, the auditor, Dr. Karl Zabrocki, praised the high level of commitment of all staff members and acknowledged the existence of an in-place, readily applied and continually upgraded quality management system with a highly professional project execution on behalf of customers and partners.
“We are of course very pleased about the certification, but most of all we are proud of the quality management system we have introduced”, adds the quality management delegate Dr. Claudia Aldenhoven. It efficiently balances processes out among one another and discovers available potential for further improvement. Taking this as our point of departure, we will systematically continue to improve and extend our QM system.
Source: Capsulution NanoScience AG
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