Posted: January 28, 2008

T2 Biosystems Demonstrates Potential of Nanoscale MR-based Technology for Rapid, Portable Diagnosis

(Nanowerk News) T2 Biosystems, Inc., a company developing the first portable medical diagnostic products which combine nanotechnology and miniaturized magnetic resonance (MR) technology, today announced significant research findings that support the advancement and development of nanoparticle-based, magnetic resonance technology that offer rapid, portable diagnostic testing. The findings appear in Analytical Chemistry in an article entitled “Single-coil, Multi-sample, Proton Relaxation Method for Magnetic Relaxation Switch Assays,” available on line at
This new research demonstrates new methods of advancing and developing magnetic resonance-based diagnostics that offer improved speed, accuracy and efficiency as well as portability to a broader range of settings including doctor’s offices, homes and hospitals. These findings published in Analytical Chemistry show the feasibility of T2’s portable diagnostic system, building on dozens of prior published research studies by scientists demonstrating the ability of the nanoscale MR-based technology to detect target substances in diagnostic tests, including small molecules, single viral particles, bacteria and cancer biomarkers.
In the study, researchers evaluated new methods to utilize superparamagnetic nanoparticle-based biosensors, known as magnetic relaxation switches, to accurately and efficiently analyze samples in a single-step process versus conventional clinical diagnostics technology which requires multiple processes and complex instrumentation. This landmark diagnostic study is the first to demonstrate the potential of easy-to-use magnetic resonance diagnostics by means of dried nanoparticle formulations to accurately and quickly measure analytes; disposable, plastic cartridges versus glass vials; and, a novel data processing method which allows for the measurement and accurate separation of multiple data samples simultaneously.
“This study underscores the revolutionary potential this technology can bring to bear on the field of clinical diagnostics,” said Robert Langer, Ph.D., co-founder of T2 Biosystems and Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Through miniaturizing magnetic resonance technology on a nanoparticle scale, this novel technology will ultimately enable immediate, accurate diagnostic testing for nearly any health condition, in nearly any setting.”
“This exciting data is a continued validation of the breakthrough potential of this technology,” said John McDonough, CEO of T2 Biosystems. “We anticipate these new groundbreaking approaches will be instrumental in enabling the development of our novel magnetic resonance-based diagnostics, and as such, T2 is on track to produce a prototype instrument for additional evaluation this year.”
T2 Biosystems is developing the next generation of medical diagnostic products through its proprietary technology, which combines nanotechnology and the miniaturization of proven MR technology to develop rapid, accurate and portable diagnostics. T2 Biosystems’ technology has been validated in multiple published journal articles and has shown to accurately analyze viruses, bacteria, proteins, hormones, DNA, small molecules and other diagnostic targets. The Company is developing a pipeline of diagnostic products based on its technology, including devices for hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and medical offices, as well as individual patients.
About T2 Biosystems
T2 Biosystems is a private biotechnology company developing next-generation medical diagnostic products using its proprietary technology, combining nanotechnology and miniaturized magnetic resonance (MR) technology to provide rapid, accurate and portable diagnostics. T2 Biosystems was founded in 2006 by renowned researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, and has assembled a world-class team, board of directors and scientific advisory board that collectively have a proven track record of translating technologic innovations into breakthrough products, building significant corporate value. T2 Biosystems is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit the company's website at
Source: T2 Biosystems
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