Posted: January 28, 2008

NT-MDT Company sponsored nanotechnology center opening in London (NanoVision Centre)

(Nanowerk News) On January 9, 2008 NanoVision Center's opening took place at Queen Mary of London University and this event has been widely covered by British and international mass media (BBC, Daily Mirror, British Satellite News etc.).
Nanovision Centre
The ceremony was opened by Professor Nigel Brown, the head of university, who has solemnly cut the nanoribbon which was specially made with Quanta 3D device (FEI Company). In his report the professor expressed appreciation to sponsors (NT-MDT, Atocube, FEI, Jeol) and especially noted unique opportunities of scanning probe microscopy (SPM). 
Combining of the up-to-date imaging technologies, NanoVision laboratories allow taking high-precision measurements in material science, structural biology, solid state physics and other fields of nanotechnology. The measurements that will be of scientific interest to NanoVision Centre will be free of charge and possible lead to joint investigations.
There are several specialized laboratories in NanoVision structure: scanning probe microscopy, electronic and optical microscopy, etc. Scanning Probe Microcopy laboratory is equipped with NT-MDT devices - NTEGRA Therma and NTEGRA Prima, visualized live bacteria during the demonstration measurements.
With the Center opening, unique for the Great Britain, many scientists got an opportunity to use various combinations of scanning probe and electronic microscopy techniques that allow examining behavior of complex systems such as biological tissues in conditions close to their natural state.
On NT-MDT side the company will do its best to remain further one of the world leading companies developing up-to-date nanotechnology instruments.
Opening of Nanovision Centre
Daily Mirror, Thursday, January 10, 2008
Source: NT-MDT
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