Posted: January 29, 2008

dermaCM Completes Study on Nanotechnology Taste-Masking for Use in Beverage and Pharmaceutical Applications

(Nanowerk News) dermaCM, announces successful findings of a double blind human taste test using proprietary nanolipidic particles (NLP) to mask the taste of sodium chloride in distilled water preparations. Taste-masking nanotechnology can be used to mask unpleasant tastes in beverage, pharmaceuticals and nutricuetical preparations, vastly improving consumer acceptance, patient compliance and user satisfaction. The NLPs used in this study are safe and all-natural, marking the first successful testing of an all-natural integrated delivery system in taste-masking applications. Further benefits of using these proprietary NLPs in taste-masking includes the high-loading capacity of passenger molecules, an optically clear appearance, the ability to control population size, a 60 nm to 150 nm range and a system that is inherently non-precipitating. dermaCM provides this NLP integrated delivery system for OTC pharmaceuticals, beverage and nutricuetical applications via its state-of-the-art manufacturing and development facility. dermaCM offers services not only to pharmaceuticals, beverage and nutricuetical developers, but also to the cosmeceutical, skincare and sun care industries.
An all-natural taste-masking system can assuage consumer-concerns over other taste-masking technologies. Current taste-masking technologies include using man-made resins that are insoluble, allowing the drug to bypass the mouth, be separated by gastrointestinal fluids and then these man-made insoluble resins pass through the GI tract. Coatings are also man-made and, while effective when used for pill-formulas, do not solve the taste-masking needs for liquids. Nanotechnology enables the delivery of unpleasant salts or other taste particles in an all-natural form that bypasses taste centers.
“The NLP delivery has been test marketed in Sports Drinks in the USA and has proven to successfully mask the taste of salts within the drink formula,” quotes Dr. Michael Fountain. “This market research has led to our preliminary work in the pediatric oral medications arena where our taste-masking nanotechnology could prove very helpful in masking the bitterness associated with many oral medications.”
75 volunteers sampled four types of nanotechnology preparations — distilled water, NLP in distilled water, NLP containing sodium chloride in distilled water and sodium chloride in distilled water. Using a Likert taste preference scale, participants evaluated the statement “Sample masks the taste of salt (sodium chloride)” with a score from one (1) to five (5), where a score of one (1) equaled “strongly disagree” and five (5) equaling “strongly agree.” The preparations using NLP containing sodium chloride had a mean Likert score of 4.05, with no statistical difference between the distilled water, distilled water with NLP and the distilled water with NLP containing sodium chloride. The conclusion is that an NLP delivery system is effective in masking the taste of sodium chloride.
dermaCM offers more than 17 years in research and development of cutting-edge all-natural nanotechnologies at a facility that is one of the most advanced analytical, microbiological research and development laboratories in the industry. dermaCM, offers formulating, private labeling, manufacturing, packaging and fulfillment services supported by stringent adherence to FDA regulations for OTC pharmaceuticals and respected industry standards for cosmeceuticals.
About dermaCM
dermaCM is a division of Dermazone Solutions, Inc. Dermazone Solutions, Inc. is an acknowledged leader in the field of nanotechnology and holds patents on its proprietary nanosphere delivery system. The state-of-the art manufacturing facility is FDA-registered and can offer a wide range of product types to the pharmaceutical, beverage, nutricuetical, cosmeceutical, skincare and sun care industries. The facility offers additional laboratories for analytical, microbiology and research and development and is located in St. Petersburg, FL, U.S. For more information, visit
Source: dermaCM
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