Agilent Technologies and University of Linz to Sponsor Tenth Annual Nanoscience Workshop
Posted: February 1, 2008

Agilent Technologies and University of Linz to Sponsor Tenth Annual Nanoscience Workshop

(Nanowerk News) Agilent Technologies Inc. and the Johannes Kepler University of Linz will sponsor the X. Annual Linz Winter Workshop from Feb. 15-19, 2008, on the University of Linz campus in Austria. The workshop, which has been designed to provide a common platform for industry and academia, will focus on biological single-molecule research, nanoscience, nano-medicine and bio-nanotechnology.
"We're very excited about the 2008 edition of the winter workshop," said Jeff Jones, operations manager for Agilent's atomic force microscope facility in Chandler, Ariz. "In the decade since Molecular Imaging [acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2005] started this event, it has continued to grow in both scope and popularity. Biophysicists, pharmaceutical research scientists, molecular biologists and structural biochemists, in particular, find our annual workshop in Linz to be a valuable experience."
Thirty-six scientists from leading universities, labs and research centers around the world are scheduled to speak at the X. Annual Linz Winter Workshop. The workshop's program comprises three full days of non-overlapping sessions covering subjects such as immunanoscopy, cell mechanics, cell dynamics and transport, biological AFM applications, single molecular forces, membrane organization and morphology, nano-particles and nano-functionalized surfaces, novel AFM technologies, and single DNA and RNA binding and dynamics. Scientific poster sessions will also be held each day.
Techniques presented at the Linz workshop will include atomic force microscopy, dynamic force spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, single-channel electrophysiology methods, optical tweezers, optical spectroscopy, self-organization and nanofabrication. Young scientists and newcomers can choose to attend an optional Hands-On Winter School from Feb. 12-14.
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