Posted: February 2, 2008

Pirelli Launches a New Photonics Company

(Nanowerk News) Pirelli announces that it will soon incorporate a new Group company which will operate in second generation photonics based on nanotechnologies.
The company will be the result of integration between the photonics business unit of Pirelli Broadband Solutions and the Optical Innovation division of Pirelli Labs, and will aim to create increasing synergies between research activities and those of business development. The setting up of the new company coincides with the conclusion of the first phase of research activity of Pirelli Labs in optical technologies, which in the last 18 months has brought about validation of the first products and their rolling out on the market.
The company will focus on the areas of innovative optical components, optical modules, and transportation systems. It has a growing product portfolio and significant know-how in research and technology thanks to its laboratories in Milan-Bicocca and to a network of international partnerships.
At the same time, Pirelli Broadband Solutions will concentrate its activity on the broadband access business, increasingly characterized by market and technology dynamics that are different from those of photonics. The company holds a consolidated portfolio of five product lines (access gateways, set-top boxes, extenders, dual-mode phones and remote management systems), has a leadership position in the Italian market, and is beginning to affirm itself in the rest of Europe.
Having a presence in the photonics business and in the broadband access business with two ad hoc companies will allow the Pirelli Group to consolidate its position further in both sectors, and to take advantage of opportunities that may arise including through international alliances.
Both the new photonics company and Pirelli Broadband Solutions will continue to collaborate with researchers at Pirelli Labs Materials Innovation who, in addition, will conduct research in the tyre (in collaboration with R&D centers of Pirelli Tyre), environmental, and real estate sectors.
Source: Pirelli
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