Posted: February 2, 2008

Frederick's Lawmakers Want to Attract Nanotechnology Industry

(Nanowerk News) Frederick delegates Sue Hecht and Galen Clagett are working with state leaders to attract nanotechnology companies to settle in Frederick, Maryland.
The two state lawmakers introduced a bill this week that would create a bond for $500,000 to buy nanotechnology equipment for a temporary site in Frederick while a Fort Detrick-based company builds an expansion on post.
Hecht said she and Clagett, both Democrats, will also help sponsor other legislation this session aimed at attracting nanotechnology. They are working with the governor’s office and General Assembly leaders on that legislation.
Nanotechnology companies work with subatomic particles. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter; a sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick, according to the National Nanotechnlogy Initiative.
Clagett said he’s particularly hopeful this technology will help revolutionize health care and possibly cure cancer.
“I think it’s important for us because (Maryland is) in the top three states of the biotech/advanced tech world, and this may push us even higher in the rankings,” Clagett said. “It’s just a tremendous opportunity. And Frederick is going to be on the cutting edge of all this.”
For the full story, check Sunday's edition of The Frederick News-Post.
Source: Frederick News Post
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