Posted: February 4, 2008

Intel Delays Procurement of EUV Tool

(Nanowerk News) Intel Corp. has reportedly pushed out the procurement of an R&D extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography tool from Nikon Corp., according to industry sources. The event raises more questions about the viability of EUV for mass chip production--a major concern for Intel, Toshiba, Samsung and others.
Sources believe that Japan's Nikon was supposed to ship an alpha or R&D EUV tool to Intel by the end of last year. Then, Nikon reportedly delayed the shipment, sources said. Instead, the company supposedly decided to keep the R&D tool at its headquarters in Tokyo, reportedly because it would take too long to ship the unit, sources said. That machine would still be used for R&D, they added.
However, Nikon denied that rumor and is apparently still looking to the ship the EUV tool to Intel in the future. EUV is a next-generation lithography machine that is aimed for the post-optical era. But EUV, in general, has been delayed by an assortment of problems, namely the mask, power source, resists, among others.
Analysts are under the impression that Nikon will still ship the alpha machine to Intel. "Regarding Intel, Nikon plans to ship a unit next fiscal year, but the shipping process has not started yet," said David Motozo Rubenstein, an analyst with Jefferies Japan Ltd. in Tokyo.
Source: EE Times
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