Posted: February 4, 2008

Nacalai USA Signs Collaboration Agreement with Nano-C to Develop Industrial Production of Nanostruct(...)

(Nanowerk News) Nacalai USA, the San Diego, California-based life science reagent and chemical company, announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Westwood, Massachusetts-based Nano-C, Inc, a leading manufacturer of nanostructured carbon materials, to co-develop industrial scale use of HPLC technology for production of fullerenes and their chemical derivatives. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
As part of the agreement, Nacalai USA will provide Nano-C with its expertise in liquid chromatographic purification of fullerenes and other nanostructured carbon materials.
Fullerenes and other nanostructured carbon materials are expected to represent a significant part of the projected multi billion dollar nanotechnology market. These new materials have been proposed for a wide range of high-impact applications, ranging from alternative energy to new and improved medical therapies. However, commercial application has lagged due to current high manufacturing costs and the need to further modify the materials to meet specific application requirements.
“This is an exciting collaboration for us,” commented Jing Xu, Ph.D, technology assessment consultant at Nacalai USA. “We see a broad range of applications and a huge market potential of fullerenes and derivatives of these nanostructured carbon materials. Together we can make these new materials much more affordable and thus remove a major hurdle in commercialization of nanotechnology.”
Toshi Ono, vice president and COO of Nacalai USA and head of international business development of Nacalai Tesque, stated, “We are proud to announce the collaboration with Nano-C. Nacalai’s collaboration with Nano-C demonstrates the depth of our capability in analytical and preparative liquid chromatography.”
Nacalai Tesque is a major manufacturer and distributor of chemical, liquid chromatographic columns and life science research reagents in Japan. Nacalai USA is the wholly-owned US-based subsidiary responsible for sales and marketing in North America and international business development in North America and Europe.
About Nano-C, Inc.
Located in Westwood, Massachusetts, Nano-C is the leading developer of nanostructured carbon materials, including fullerenes, single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) and their chemical derivatives. The company was founded in 2001 by Jack Howard, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professor Emeritus, and world-renowned expert in the manufacture of nanostructured carbon materials. Nano-C’s mission is to play a key role in enabling applications of these nanostructured carbon materials and is committed to their responsible development and use. Nano-C is a privately held company. For more information, visit:
About Nacalai USA and Nacalai Tesque
Nacalai USA, Inc. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nacalai Tesque, Inc., Kyoto Japan, founded in 2005 in San Diego, California to bridge between the United States and Japan in the scientific research community. Nacalai USA strives to bring the most innovative and stringently quality-controlled biochemicals and research tools from Japan into the United States market, and also to introduce United States technologies and products into the Japanese research market. For more information, visit
Nacalai Tesque, Inc. is a manufacturing and marketing company of research products with its principle of business and head office in Kyoto, Japan. The organization was established in 1846 and was formally incorporated as a research reagent company in 1958. Since then Nacalai Tesque has been delivering world class service in the field of scientific research.
Nacalai Tesque is an ISO 9001:2000 certified and registered manufacturer of products for research fields including Molecular Biology, Proteomics and Liquid Chromatography. Nacalai Tesque's Quality Control Systems assure that every product conforms to strict regulations and customer requirements. For more information, visit
Source: Nacalai USA
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