Posted: February 7, 2008

Beauty and the Geek

(Nanowerk News) The old saying “beauty is more than skin deep” holds more truth than ever thanks to a new generation of skin care products that treat targeted areas deep beneath the skin’s surface.
Researchers at, a Scottsdale-based company dedicated to improving health conditions through innovative technologies, have been studying ways to create a subcutaneous skincare product line. Their beauty cream advance revolves around the application of nanotechnology: the ability to manipulate individual atoms and molecules for the superior and more efficient delivery of active ingredients. Using proprietary technology, eFoodSafety encapsulated skincare ingredients into nanospheres, and the NumaDerm skincare line was born.
“Nano-encapsulation technology plays a key role in the effectiveness of NumaDerm products by offering a better method of delivering key ingredients,” says Dr. Richard Goldfarb, President of eFoodSafety’s MedElite subsidiary. “Through our research and development efforts, we have created what we believe is the ideal combination of solutions to improve overall skin health and beauty. The formulations contain bioactive compounds and other ingredients that have been clinically proven to improve certain skin conditions. We expect the nanotechnology to significantly enhance each product’s effectiveness by treating targeted areas beneath the skin’s surface.”
Formulated from a synergistic blend of bioactive compounds such as phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, essential lipids, and clinically proven peptides, NumaDerm products address common skin health and beauty conditions and includes three different items:
  • NumaDerm Repair Cream provides healing benefits for dry and damaged skin by increasing elasticity and improving overall complexion.
  • NumaDerm Ageless Cream rejuvenates the skin, erases fine lines and wrinkles, and helps renew the skin’s contour.
  • NumaDerm Fade Cream supplies the skin with clinically proven ingredients that correct discolorations, improve clarity, and lighten uneven pigmentations.
  • “Equally important, this technology is the only of its kind where the nanospheres are made from entirely food-grade compounds,” explains Dr. Goldfarb. “That means they can release nutrients and other ingredients as necessary and still be recognized and absorbed by the body as ordinary food compounds. All of which means cellular absorption of nutrients is maximized while toxicity is minimized.”
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