Posted: February 11, 2008

Nokia CTO Mission: Reinvent the Company

(Nanowerk News) In an interview with Computerworld, Bob Iannucci, chief technology officer of Nokia, shares his impressions of the industry. Here is the part where they talk about nanotechnology:
Iannucci: I think itís likely that there will be energy storage in some form in the device and the nature of batteries is probably going to change. The nanoscientists and what they are doing at the University of Cambridge points to that direction. Weíre looking at technologies that could only be made on nanoscale to create energy storage devices that are sort of a hybrid between a battery and a capacitor. A supercapacitor probably is the best description for that. And maybe that wireless power becomes a long-term direction when youíll have some capabilities for energy storage. When youíre outside the range of your local wireless power transmitter you can still operate, or youíre in range, recharge it.
CW: You talked about nanotechnology. Do you remember when Bill Joy, Sunís former CTO, wrote in 2000 a famous manifesto in Wired magazine warning this convergence could represent a threat to humankind's very existence? In this respect, whatís your impression of NBIC [nanoscience, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science] convergence?
Iannucci: Weíre actually looking deep into the nanoscience and I would say it is too early for us to draw any profound conclusions, but we see it as an area of increasing importance to us, and one where we must invest and must understand. Itís not something that we can just simply say, well, this is a technology that our suppliers will use. Rather, itís something where we may actually seek to contribute.
Source: CIO Asia
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