Posted: February 14, 2008

The Nanotech Industry Is Moving From Research to Production

(Nanowerk News) Research and Markets has announced the addition of “NanoSEE 2008” to their offering.
Over the past two years, scale up of multi-wall carbon nanotube production has led to a dramatic price decrease (Arkema, Bayer Material Sciences, Showa Denko …), down to $150/kg for semi-industrial applications. The run for industrial CNT production plants has started in order to achieve a sustainable business with the commercialization of these high-tech materials with a mid-term price target of $45/kg.
The prices for nanoclays have also dropped slightly, but the question of price versus performance ratio is not yet solved. At this point, some commercial nanoclay applications have been abandoned for cost reasons. Silver-based nano-additives have made a successful market entry (50% of nanoproducts) and are now widespread in white goods, clothing and food applications. Further market penetration is forecast in the coming years, though the lack of standardization, regulation and the health & safety aspects might impact this evolution.
The nanotech industry is moving from research to production with over 500 consumer nano-products already available. Though nanotechnology has long been seen as tomorrow’s technology, developers of nanoproducts are focused on today’s market opportunities. Some previous limitations have been addressed thanks to improvements in the dispersion of nanoparticles and the decrease in the production cost of nanotubes
This report is designed to understand the market for nanomaterials, the players including the organizations, as well as the accessibility of the market. It highlights the technical functions made possible by nanomaterials to create our daily nanoproducts.
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Source: Research and Markets
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