Posted: February 18, 2008

Oxonica Achieves Important Further Performance Validation for Envirox and Commercial Progress

(Nanowerk News) Oxonica plc (“Oxonica”), a leading international nanomaterials group, today is pleased to announce an important further validation of its Envirox™ fuel borne catalyst by Stagecoach Group plc (“Stagecoach") as well as positive test results and significant commercial progress in mainland Europe and Russia.
Stagecoach originally tested Envirox™ in 2004 in an industry leading trial on 1300 vehicles split between the North-west of England and London over a 12 month period. The trial demonstrated fuel savings of more than 5% following which Stagecoach adopted the product across its UK fleet. At the time of adoption, the parties also agreed to carry out a validation trial to confirm continued product performance within 3 years.
In the second half of 2007 a validation trial was conducted on more than 550 Stagecoach vehicles in the North-west of England. This trial has demonstrated a statistically significant fuel saving of 4.3% after 3 months, which is consistent with the results from the original 2004 trial at the same point.
Stagecoach has indicated that it is satisfied with the results and intends to continue to use Envirox™ across its 7,000 vehicle UK bus fleet.
Adrian Havlin, Stagecoach Group Technical Engineer said: ‘Stagecoach is in the front line of tackling climate change through a range of initiatives, from biofuels and cleaner engines to the introduction of modern environmental management systems. The use of Envirox™ is part of our package of innovative solutions to build a more environmentally sustainable business and encourage greener travel’.
‘Our vehicles have driven more than 700 million miles on Envirox™, and to achieve a consistent result across a diverse fleet over 3 years testifies to the robustness of the technology. We are particularly pleased with the performance of the product both in ultra low sulphur diesel and in blends containing biodiesel, which are now in widespread use across our fleet’.
In addition to the successful Stagecoach validation trial, Envirox™ has achieved further positive test results and has made significant commercial progress in mainland Europe and Russia:
  • A recently completed bus trial in Italy demonstrated fuel savings of 4.8% after 3 months and 10.6% after 6 months. Other trials in Germany on tour coaches and municipal mixed fleets have demonstrated savings of 5 to 8%.
  • Oxonica has recently completed an additional piece of work in collaboration with Stagecoach at a major, independent, vehicle testing facility in the UK that demonstrated reductions in particulate emissions of 18% after 3 months. An independent vehicle laboratory test in Italy also showed reductions in particulate emissions of up to 19%.
  • Oxonica has recently concluded two major distribution deals for Envirox™ in Germany and Russia, both of which have already generated initial sales in 2008.
  • Dr Kevin Matthews, CEO of Oxonica said, ‘The evidence for the performance of Envirox™ is becoming increasingly compelling at a time when the issues of climate change and high fuel costs are becoming acute. This proven technology offers the potential to make a real difference to carbon dioxide emissions today. In the UK, reducing diesel fuel use by 5% will save 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, and Envirox™ can achieve this while, at the same time, reducing the burden of high fuel costs on the transport sector’.
    Richard Farleigh, Chairman of Oxonica said: ‘The UK is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and huge sums are being invested in future technologies that may be too little too late. Action needs to be taken now and once again Stagecoach has demonstrated its industry leadership in addressing environmental issues through its use of Envirox™ and continued support for trialling and testing of the product. Envirox™ clearly provides immediate benefits to the environment while more than paying for itself through fuel savings.’
    About Oxonica plc -
    Oxonica (AIM: OXN.L) is one of the leading international nanomaterials groups with products already launched into international markets and is listed in London on the AIM market. It was spun-out from Oxford University in 1999. Oxonica’s mission is to focus on the development of innovative commercial solutions for international markets using its expertise in the design and application of nanomaterials. It owns a portfolio of demand driven products that offer substantial benefits to the target markets of energy, materials, security and diagnostics. The Group currently has four operating businesses: Oxonica Energy, Oxonica Materials, Oxonica Security and Oxonica Diagnostics. Oxonica has already launched products into international markets. Lead products include:
  • Envirox™ fuel borne catalyst – a nanocatalyst improving fuel economy and reducing emissions
  • Optisol™ UV absorber – a revolutionary photostable UV protection system designed to optimise the performance of quality sunscreens and anti-premature aging products Oxonica is also active in searching for the next generation of products and is already engaged in developing transformational detection technologies which will enable a new generation of ultrasensitive multiplex diagnostic tools for the clinical diagnostic life science and security markets. In addition, Oxonica is developing other UV absorber technologies into polymer systems and coatings, based on similar technologies to that used in Optisol™.
  • About Stagecoach Group plc
    Stagecoach Group is a leading international public transport group, with extensive operations in the UK, United States and Canada. The company employs around 30,000 people, and operates bus, coach, rail, and tram services. Stagecoach is one of the UK’s biggest bus operators, running around 7,000 buses in nearly 100 towns and cities across the country, from the Highlands of Scotland to south-west England. It includes major city bus operations in Liverpool, Newcastle, Hull, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield and Cambridge. Stagecoach Group owns 3.1% of the issued share capital of Oxonica plc.
    Source: Oxonica
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