Posted: February 19, 2008

NanoHorizons, Inc., Promotes Daniel Hayes to President and CEO

(Nanowerk News) NanoHorizons™, Inc., an emerging leader in applied nanoscale materials, announced today the appointment of Daniel Hayes, PhD, as President and CEO. Hayes is a co-founder of the company who formerly directed research, development, and operations.
Hayes was instrumental in developing the NanoHorizons’ first generation of silver antimicrobial additives for textiles that led to important partnerships with Indo Poly LTD., Faytex Inc., and G.J. Littlewood. Now under the SmartSilver™ brand, these additives are used to impart antimicrobial and antifungal properties to yarns and fabrics and also to finishes, paints, foams and laminates. These versatile products have led to important new partnerships with Piedmont Chemical, Eversharp and others.
“Dan played a key role in NanoHorizon’s efforts to develop multipurpose silver nanoparticle products and move the company into advanced coatings and medical equipment,” said NanoHorizons Chairman, Stephen Fonash, Ph.D. “Under Dan’s leadership we anticipate continued expansion of our SmartSilver ™ brand in the fabrics and fibers arena while expanding our nanoparticle business in other sectors.”
Hayes steps up from his role as Vice President Operations and replaces Robert Burlinson, founding CEO of NanoHorizons, who remains on the Board of Directors. Hayes has a doctorate degree in Engineering Science from Penn State University where he also completed his undergraduate degree in life sciences.
About NanoHorizons, Inc.
NanoHorizons, Inc., ( with its solid foundation in applied chemistry and engineering, is a leader in the emerging field of practical nanotechnology. Developed for the medical industry and now entering the textile and apparel markets, NanoHorizon’s SmartSilverTM antimicrobial offers permanent bacterial control for natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics. NanoHorizons is privately held and headquartered in State College, PA. The company works closely with customers from its R&D laboratory, manufacturing facility, and technical support office adjacent to The Pennsylvania State University campus.
Source: NanoHorizons
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