Posted: February 20, 2008

First GaAs MOCVD System for Solar Cells in South Korea to be Supplied by Aixtron

(Nanowerk News) AIXTRON AG today announced an order from the Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center (KANC) for an AIXTRON Planetary Reactor system for solar cells. The system on order is an AIX 2600G3 in the 12x4-inch configuration with the ‘Integrated Concept’ (IC) design and will be delivered in the first half of 2008. KANC will use the system for the development of III-V solar cells for terrestrial applications, i.e. concentrator cells. It will be installed at KANC’s state of the art 3,500 sq m ‘FAB Building’ facility located in the Gwanggyo Techno Valley near Seoul.
For the co-work project of solar cells and support of the young III-V photovoltaic industry in Korea a co-operation program is to be established between KANC and AIXTRON.
Being the first to deliver a GaAs MOCVD system for solar cells to Taiwan’s Win Semiconductor, AIXTRON is now also the first supplier of an MOCVD tool to Korea dedicated to the development of III-V based solar cells.
A KANC spokesman comments: “KANC is pleased to once again be a pioneer in solar cells. We have studied for achieving good results with our existing AIXTRON GaAs AIX 200/4 horizontal reactor and the AIX 2400G3 HT Planetary Reactor for GaN based applications so we are hopeful of rapid success with the new G3 solar cell system.”
The AIX 2600G3 IC is a well established and well proven system for mass production of single, dual and triple junction Solar Cells, grown on both GaAs and Ge substrates.
KANC is a non-profit organization supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology of Korea. Its remit is to provide a national infrastructure for the nanotechnology development in the field of compound semiconductors, non-silicon technology and other emerging technologies by supporting universities and research institutes and industries.
Source: Aixtron AG
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