Posted: February 21, 2008

Novozymes and Upperton Collaborate on Novel Nanoparticle Drug Technology

(Nanowerk News) Novozymes announced a new collaboration agreement with Upperton Limited, a UK based Biotech Company specialising in novel nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems. The agreement extends previous collaborations between the two companies and will focus on the commercial exploitation of the jointly-owned rP-nano™ technology: a highly targeted drug delivery system which utilises the natural binding properties of recombinant protein nanoparticles to enhance drug and gene bioavailability.
Under the terms of the agreement Upperton will use rP-nano™ technology to generate nanoparticles from recombinant proteins expressed in Novozymes’ proprietary, yeast-based expression system. Uniquely, rP-nano™ technology can generate precisely-sized nanoparticles within the range of 10nm to 120nm and can be optimised for Enhanced Permeability and Retention effect. The nanoparticles produced through this process retain the natural binding properties of the recombinant proteins from which they are made, and bind to specific cell types to enable more targeted drug delivery and improved bioavailability.
Dr Richard Johnson, MD Upperton Limited, said: “I am extremely pleased to be continuing our collaboration with Novozymes. Use of their animal-free, GMP recombinant proteins will be extremely important as we look to commercialise our unique technology. In addition, Novozymes’ regulatory knowledge and expertise in yeast-based protein expression, will allow us to faster develop rP-nano™ technology and create a very attractive proposition for future marketing or licensing partners”.
Dr Dave Mead, Novozymes’ UK based Business Development Director commented: “Our original research demonstrated the huge potential of rP-nano™ technology and we are very pleased to continue collaborating with Upperton to develop this further. This is further exemplification of Novozymes’ high yielding expression systems being used for the production of pharmaceutical grade recombinant proteins”.
About rP-nano™
rP-nano™ technology can produce nanoparticles from all peptides and proteins, including monoclonal antibodies and enzymes, without denaturation. The suitability of this technology to pharmaceutical applications will be demonstrated to potential licensees through nanoparticles generated from recombinant human albumin. Novozymes is the sole manufacturer of the worlds’ only animal-free commercially available recombinant human albumin approved for use by the EMEA and FDA in the manufacture of human therapeutics, Recombumin®. For proof of principle, Upperton has loaded Novozymes’ recombinant human albumin with monoclonal antibodies, radioactive metal ions, chemotherapeutic agents and paramagnetic metal ions.
About Upperton Ltd.
Upperton Limited, founded in 1999, is a privately owned biotech company based in Nottingham, UK and specialising in spray drying and particle technologies. They have recently co-patented rP-nano™ technology with Novozymes as a next generation technology for producing nano-sized particles from proteins, with broad application. The rP-nano™ technology offers unique competitive advantages over current methods of producing nanoparticles. Upperton welcomes academic and industrial partners to explore and commercialise this technology. Further information about Upperton can be found at
About Novozymes
Novozymes is the world leader in bioinnovation. Together with customers across a broad array of industries, we create tomorrow’s industrial biosolutions, improving our customers' business and the use of our planet's resources. With over 700 products used in 130 countries, Novozymes’ bioinnovations improve industrial performance and safeguard the world’s resources by offering superior and sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s ever-changing marketplace.
Novozymes’ natural solutions enhance and promote everything from removing trans-fats in food, to advancing biofuels to power the world tomorrow. Our never-ending exploration of nature’s potential is evidenced by over 4,500 patents, showing what is possible when nature and technology join forces. Novozymes is quoted on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (NZYMB). Read more at
Source: Novozymes
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