Posted: February 21, 2008

Michele Ostraat Joins RTI International as Director of Center for Aerosol Technology

(Nanowerk News) Michele Ostraat, Ph.D., recently joined RTI International as director of engineering research for the Center for Aerosol Technology.
In that role she will manage 25 staff members who conduct a wide range of research on aerosol technology and nanotechnology platforms. She will also work to commercialize technologies developed by the research team, such as a novel small-scale personal aerosol monitor and several applications of polymeric nanofibers.
Ostraat has more than 10 years experience in the aerosol and nanoparticle synthesis field, creating, managing and leading innovative programs designed to establish new products.
"We are very pleased to add someone of Michele's experience and background to our team at the Center for Aerosol Technology," said Dave Myers, Ph.D., vice president of RTI's Engineering Technology Unit. "Her education and industry experience span aerosol science and nanotechnology, two areas that will be vital to the continued growth of the Center."
For more than 20 years, RTI experts in aerosol and materials science have conducted research and testing in the areas of filtration, protective clothing, bioaerosols, and microcontamination. Using state-of-the-art analytical tools and labs, the group conducts research on behalf of federal and commercial clients in areas ranging from air filtration and protective clothing efficiency to cleanroom technology and PM 2.5 analysis and speciation. Recently the team has expanded into studies of nanoscale fibers.
Prior to joining RTI, Ostraat served as a technical team leader for DuPont Engineering Research and Technology, and as a member of technical staff at Bell Laboratories.
Ostraat has earned five patents and received several awards including a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, a 2001 National Science Foundation Young Researcher Travel Award and the 2000 Materials Research Society Graduate Student Gold Medal. She was also a National Merit Scholar.
Ostraat earned both a doctorate degree and master's degree in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology, and a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Trinity University.
Source: RTI
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