Posted: February 22, 2008

Holmenkol and Nanovations Cooperate World-Wide

(Nanowerk News) Sport-Technology provider HOLMENKOL has announced that it has entered into a agreement for distribution and for collaborative product development with the Australian company Nanovations Pty Ltd. The main objective of the partnership is the promotion and the development of new innovative coating solutions for new markets.
Holmenkol has received the world-wide exclusive rights to distribute all sport relevant products and developments.
Harry Stulajter, CEO of Nanovations Pty Ltd, is excited about this partnership. "We feel that both the technical and business synergies between our two companies will allow us to develop new products and markets together in an entrepreneurial and agile fashion.
Holmenkol is a world wide renowned company and has enormous future potential in the sector of innovative sport coatings. They also bring with them the extensive expertise of an international positioned corporation."
Nanovations' environmentally friendly and effective solutions have been used particularly in building and construction related applications. In cooperation with Holmenkol scientists, selected products were modified and optimised for the use in the sport, marine and leisure market.
"Nanovations is one of the best addresses for ecological products on basis of the latest cutting edge technologies." The long-term partnership will further strengthen our product portfolio, so Christian Römlein, managing director of HOLMENKOL. "The first highlight of this partnership is a marine teak protection which has excellent capabilities and performance while maintaining great aesthetic protection."
"Wood Protector" is covering a wider spectrum of UV radiation, along with excellent moist regulating and water repellent properties. Being water based, Wood Protector is solvent and volatile organic compound (VOC) free, and does not require any hazardous warning label. Further innovative product solutions will follow.
The first set of new products provided by Holmenkol world-wide distribution partners are targeting the water sport, racing and yacht maintenance market. The range of revolutionary care and performance products includes sail coatings, fitting lubricants, non friction treatments, high-tech gel-coat and hull treatments, wood protection and cleaners. Holmenkol is the leading one stop shop for complete high end yacht care and maintenance. The performance enhancing sport coatings are already used with American Cuppers.
Nanovations Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialized in advanced product solutions for the building and construction industry and for other related markets. Nanovations develops and supplies products that represent the latest scientific discoveries in coating technology, with new unseen properties, better durability and the best environmental performance available. Nanovations is working with companies, industry leaders and strategic partners that are key players in their market segment. We help to promote and supply cutting-edge technologies and durable and value adding technologies to their customers.
For more info about Nanovations Pty Ltd please visit
With a brand tradition of 86 years, HOLMENKOL is the world's oldest ski wax manufacturer. As a technology leader, the company provides service to almost all national teams in the world. Well known athletes, Olympic winners as well as World Cup winners and athletes with ambition bank on the company's technology and products. Since Nanogate has become an investor in Holmenkol, the company has been pursuing an international growth strategy beyond the winter sports segment, e.g., by providing applications and products for a number of other sports including water sports, hiking/camping, cycling/mountain biking and golf. Holmenkol's target groups are professional and ambitious amateur athletes as well as recreational athletes. If you would like more information or graphic material, please contact: HOLMENKOL Sport-Technologies GmbH & Co. KG or visit
Source: Nanovations
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