Posted: February 28, 2008

DFI signs Agreement with Sampas Nano Expanding EU Market into Turkey

(Nanowerk News) Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, announced the execution of a sales representation agreement with Sampas Nanotechnology, a reputable and innovative Turkish nanotech consulting company.
Sampas Nanotechnology Ltd. is the first and only technological-consultancy Company in Turkey, focusing on custom designed nanotech solutions. Sampas Nano aims to bridge the technical gap between genuine nanotechnology developers and major domestic manufacturers from various industrial sectors (glass, ceramics, textile, and renewable energy). Turkey is a strong and rapidly growing market; its economy is a complex mix of modern industry and commerce and has more than doubled over the last five years. Turkey’s prospective EU membership, its strategic location, and its young population are significant factors that promise higher potential for the future growth.
“Together with DFI, we’ll be implementing an aggressive marketing strategy to explore all business opportunities in Turkey: our sole mission will be to assist our industrial clients to bring to market an extensive line of value-added products, powered by the genuine patented Diamon-Fusion® technology", said Dr. Fatih Erguney, Project Manager at Sampas Nanotechnology Ltd.
Guillermo Seta, Executive Director of DFI Global Operations, explained, “This new strategic partnership in Turkey provides a valuable new marketplace to expand further into the EU and serves as a potential bridge to Middle Eastern markets as well”.
DFI’s flagship Diamon-Fusion® patented nano-coating is distributed to highly reputable companies on a global basis, including industry leaders DuPont, ALCOA, MOEN, Curvet (Italy), Cricursa (Spain), Prelco Group (Canada), Cristacurva (Mexico), among many others.
DFI Nanotechnology multi-functional characteristics include: water and oil repellency (hydrophobic and oleophobic,), impact and scratch resistance, protection against graffiti, dirt and stains, finger print protection, UV stability, additional electrical insulation, protection against calcium and sodium deposits and increased brilliance and lubricity. DFI’s nanocoating works at nanoscale levels to change the molecular composition of any silica-based surface. Diamon-Fusion® provides, in chemical terms, a ‘cross-linked’, ‘branched’ and ‘capped’ optically clear nano-film along with a strong and durable covalent bond.
For more information about DFI and Sampas Nanotechnology you may visit their respective websites: ;
Source: Diamon-Fusion International, Inc.
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