Posted: February 29, 2008

Metryx to Host One-Day Mass Metrology Seminar at IMEC

(Nanowerk News) Metryx, Limited, a supplier of mass metrology equipment to the semiconductor manufacturing industry, today announced that it will be hosting the first technical seminar focused on the implementation of mass metrology in the production of advanced semiconductor devices. The one-day seminar will be hosted at IMEC’s facilities in Leuven, Belgium, on April 8th, 2008.
The program will feature speakers drawn from leading integrated device manufacturers including Qimonda, ST Microelectronics and AMD among others. The emphasis of the one-day program will be on the implementation of mass metrology as an in-line, on-product wafer technique for monitoring process changes and excursions, as well as looking at the role of mass metrology in the development of processes for advanced technology nodes.
“The seminar is the first step in maximizing the potential of the technology by providing a platform to share information and experiences from volume production scenarios,” stated Mark Berry, Director of North America and Europe at Metryx. “Mass metrology is a versatile technology that offers real-time, on-product feedback that has become a critical wafer monitoring tool in the manufacturing process. We believe we are scratching the surface in terms of how beneficial mass metrology can be to process monitoring and process development and look forward to updating the semiconductor manufacturing community about current activity.”
Details relating to the presentation program will be released in March, 2008. In advance of the program release, Metryx is making a limited number of spaces available to the semiconductor manufacturing community. These reservations can be made by contacting [email protected] and are available on a first-come, first served basis. For additional information on the program please contact Mark Berry on +44 (0) 127 585 9988.
About Metryx
Metryx is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer specializing in unique nanotechnology mass measurement techniques. Based in Bristol, England, Metryx’s non-destructive 200mm and 300mm metrology tools offer atomic layer accuracy making them ideal for material characterization and device manufacture process control. For more information on the company and its products please visit
Source: Metryx
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