Posted: March 7, 2008

GenISys Supplies Layout BEAMER E-Beam Lithography Software to Caltech and Two National Laboratories

(Nanowerk News) GenISys GmbH, a provider of e-beam direct write software solutions, today announced that three more U.S. research institutions have adopted its advanced e-beam lithography software. These world-class R&D centers’ purchase decisions help to secure GenISys’ leading market position and to establish a new standard in this emerging technology area.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory – both part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s work in the area of nanoscale materials science – have implemented GenISys’ Layout BEAMER software for their advanced data preparation needs. Also choosing Layout BEAMER is the California Institute of Technology, which is using e-beam lithography to conduct research in nanophotonics and nanobiotechnology.
These new customers follow the lead of Cornell University’s Nanofabrication Facility, which is collaborating with GenISys and JEOL Ltd. to develop direct write e-beam data preparation and electron process correction technologies for nanometer-range structures. Each of these leading-edge research facilities faces the challenge of fabricating nanometer-range structures of ever shrinking dimensions.
Layout BEAMER integrates proximity effect correction (PEC) software specific to e-beam lithography requirements with data-preparation and process simulation and correction, offering an advanced solution at an attractive price. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface quickly handles large amounts of layout data while speeding data preparation and providing improved pattern fidelity.
“GenISys is dedicated to offering needed solutions for e-beam direct write. They are responsive and fast in development, and they are providing the support needed for implementing their advanced solutions into our research and our user program,” said Scott Retterer, research scientist in the Center for Nanophase Material Science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Caltech, whose Kavli Nanoscience Institute (KNI) celebrated the completion of a new cleanroom on March 4, is using Layout BEAMER as part of a of state-of-the-art process modeling and correction program to explore the limits of e-beam lithography. “We are extremely happy with Layout BEAMER, as it is the optimal software package for this application,” said KNI Director Axel Scherer. “Layout BEAMER combines advanced PEC – including correction for beam positioning – with simulation, and these simulations are essential to our nanofabrication competence.”
Argonne National Laboratory is using Layout BEAMER to support its mission of creating and characterizing new nanoscale materials and developing advanced instrumentation, including a hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline.
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Based in Munich, Germany with offices in Tokyo and Los Gatos, GenISys is a world leader in flexible, high-performance software solutions for the e-beam direct-write market. GenISys combines deep technical expertise in process modeling, correction and optimization with high-caliber software engineering and fast, flexible support. GenISys products give MEMS manufacturers and researchers unparalleled efficiency, ease of use and optimal value in the research and development of new micro-patterning technologies.
GenISys is a registered trademark and Layout BEAMER and Layout LAB are trademarks of GenISys GmbH.
Source: GenISys
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