Posted: March 12, 2008

Altogen Biosystems Launches Custom Biotechnology Research Services: Generation of Stable Cell Lines and RNAi Cell Transfection Services

(Nanowerk News) Altogen Biosystems announced launch of new contract research services. Located in Las Vegas, NV, Altogen Custom Services focus on providing specialized biotechnology and pharmaceutical services, including RNA Interference (RNAi) services, generation of stably-expressing cell lines, assay development, screening and transfection services. In particular, the company will draw upon their unique experience with over hundred cancer cell lines and expertise in polymer and nanoparticle-based gene delivery technologies.
Generation of stably-expressing cancer cell lines and primary cells can be very expensive and time-consuming. Utilizing this method, investigators are able to develop cells that permanently express specific genes through their incorporation in the cellular genome. Altogen Custom Services offers generation of stable cell lines by transforming the cell line of choice to stably express vector or gene of interest. Optional cloning and shRNA expression services are available. The service turnaround time is typically 3-4 weeks.
Altogen laboratory research services ( include:
  • Transfection services (transient and stable)
  • Assay development and library screening
  • Cloning and plasmid vector construction
  • Generation of stable cell lines
  • RNAi experiments (siRNA design, synthesis, validation)
  • Gene targeting (mRNA knockdown, shRNA overexpression)
  • Custom services
  • About Altogen Biosystems
    Altogen Biosystems is a life sciences company dedicated to the development, marketing and manufacture of In Vivo and In Vitro transfection reagents for intracellular and tissue-targeted delivery of biomolecules. Altogen Custom Services is a laboratory contract research organization. It provides specialized contract research to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other life science organizations worldwide. For more information visit
    For further information: Andreas Kim of Altogen Biosystems, 1-800-658-7009, [email protected] Web Site:
    Source: Altogen Biosystems
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