Posted: March 17, 2008

Presstek and University of New Hampshire Polymer Research Group to Conduct Nanotechnology Research

(Nanowerk News) Presstek Inc. , a leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing business solutions, jointly announced today with the University of New Hampshire (UNH) that they were awarded a Granite State Technology Innovation Grant. The grant, funded by the New Hampshire Innovation Research Center (NHIRC), will enable Presstek and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) to conduct leading-edge nanotechnology research with the goal of advancing printing technology.
The NHIRC grant program funds research collaborations between New Hampshire businesses and universities-promoting applied and basic scientific research to facilitate technology developments and innovation in order to create more job opportunities for New Hampshire residents.
Presstek, along with UNH's Polymer Research Group (PRG) -- a division of the Nanostructured Polymers Research Center at the Durham campus -- will research polymer nanotechnology materials and processes that can be used to develop next-generation applications for the graphic arts imaging and printing markets. PRG researchers will be using advanced polymer nanotechnology to develop innovative materials, while Presstek's research team will focus on the application and commercialization of those technologies to produce advanced printing solutions.
"Research is the key to innovation and progress in any industry, and nanotechnology is the exciting frontier of research in the 21st century," said Hakan Elmali, PhD, Vice President of Engineering and Research at Presstek. "Presstek searched extensively worldwide for a university partner of this caliber and with this type of expertise. We are looking forward to working with UNH to develop the next generation printing plate technology based on revolutionary materials advanced by nanotechnology."
"The opportunity to partner with Presstek allows UNH to apply our technical capabilities and knowledge to innovative industrial applications, previously unexplored," said Donald C. Sundberg, PhD, Director of UNH's Nanostructured Polymers Research Center. "This collaboration exposes our students to new markets, expanding their knowledge base and opens up job possibilities and broader research opportunities."
The Granite State Technology Innovation Grant
The New Hampshire Innovation Research Center was established in 1991 and has awarded 164 grants -- totaling more than $5 million -- to 116 companies. The Granite State Technology Innovation Grant is awarded to four to eight companies each year and entails a competitive process where applications are judged on their scientific merit and commercial feasibility. A company match is required, and state funds are leveraged by federal dollars from the National Science Foundation's EPSCoR program. The objective of this program is to help New Hampshire companies retain or create high-quality jobs, improve profitability and contribute to technology-based economic development in the state.
About Presstek
Presstek, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and marketer of high tech digital imaging solutions to the graphic arts and laser imaging markets. Presstek's patented DI(R), CTP and plate products provide a streamlined workflow in a chemistry-free environment, thereby reducing printing cycle time and lowering production costs. Presstek solutions are designed to make it easier for printers to cost effectively meet increasing customer demand for high-quality, shorter print runs and faster turnaround while providing improved profit margins. Presstek subsidiary, Lasertel, Inc., manufactures semiconductor laser diodes for Presstek's and external customers' applications. For more information visit , call 603- 595-7000 or email: [email protected]
Source: Presstek
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