Posted: March 18, 2008

Vistec Electron Beam Lithography at Semicon China - Chinese Market Gains in Importance

(Nanowerk News) Vistec Electron Beam Lithography Group presents its product portfolio of Gaussian Beam and Variable Shaped Beam systems at this year’s Semicon China show. Semicon China gains in importance as China is a key area for growth in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry.
"We see a growing demand for our Gaussian Beam systems in China, especially requests from universities have been increasing lately. Not to forget our Variable Shaped Beam systems, which also play an important role in our portfolio for the growing semiconductor industry in China. Semicon China as the premier semiconductor industry event on-site gives us the opportunity to analyze the requirements and helps us to thoroughly understand the development of the market in China", states Ines Stolberg, Manager Strategic Marketing Litho.
The company serves customers in the semiconductor industry, including compound semiconductor, mask making, advanced research, optics and emerging markets like nanotechnology. Vistec’s product portfolio comprises leading-edge technology solution in all areas of advanced lithography such as production for direct write and mask making, applied research and nanotechnology. In Shanghai Vistec presents one Gaussian Beam and two Variable Shaped Beam systems.
The Vistec EBPG5000plus series is a further evolution of the highly successful, field proven EBPG series. The series has established a world-wide position for a wide range of direct write applications, particularly in direct writing of R&D. The system can be operated to < 2.5 nm spot size at 100 keV beam energy, enabling nanolithography structures of < 8 nm to be routinely generated.
The SB351 as an industry proven e-beam writer uses Variable Shaped Beam technology for mask writing down to 90 nm in production node and 65 nm in R&D capability node while also achieving excellent throughput. Main features of the system are 50 kV high precision shaped-beam column, full automatic substrate handling and state-of-the-art operating and data preparation software.
The Vistec SB250 series represents an advanced, cost-effective and universal variable shaped beam lithography system for direct write and mask making for both production as well as advanced research applications. The system is equipped with a 50 keV electron optical column with a resolution capability down to 50nm. It uses a high-precision stage with a 210 x 210 mm² travel range, which enables exposing masks up to 7 inches and wafers up to 200 mm diameter. With focus on high throughput, the system is designed with a fully automated substrate handling as well as “Write-on-the-fly” and Vector Scan writing modes. The small clean room footprint and the ease of use operating software are further highlights of the SB250 series.
Source: Vistec
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