Posted: March 20, 2008

Nanopoint's Live Cell Biology Science Kit to be Purchasable at National Science Teacher Association Conference

(Nanowerk News) Nanopoint Inc., an award-winning developer of cellTRAY® Fluidics and Imaging System products, has announced it will exhibit at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) 56th National Conference in Boston, March 27-30, 2008. Nanopoint will exhibit its innovative cellTRAY Products in Booth 814, including the cellTRAY slides used for RNAi-based experimentation. Nanopoint will also be selling special educationally-priced cell biology Science Kits featuring the company's cellTRAY Dish, an environmentally-friendly Petri dish-type container that is tailored for slide-based experiments.
The cellTRAY Science Kits for Teachers are priced at $30 and contain materials and instructions as well as NSES standards reference. The directions explain in a step-by-step fashion how the individual student is to use the enclosed sterilized toothpicks to scrape inside the cheek, place the cell scraping on the slide in the cellTRAY Dish, and stain the scrapings of the cells with the enclosed Trypan Blue solution. The student is then to observe his own live cells under a microscope, making the experiment a personal experience directly related to the individual student. The cellTRAY Science Kits for Students are priced at $180 and contain cellTRAY Dishes, activity worksheets and supplemental materials for a classroom of 30 students.
Nanopoint is focused on innovative products that solve problems in the laboratories for research scientists and pharmaceutical companies "Nanopoint is focused on innovative products that solve problems in the laboratories for research scientists and pharmaceutical companies," said Cathy Owen, president of Nanopoint, Inc. "We also recognize the need to look beyond today's marketplace and focus on the future of scientific research and we sincerely want to encourage young people to pursue scientific research as a career. Nanopoint has a strong sense of community, especially strong here in Hawaii with our state's history of service to education. We believe that the cellTRAY Science Kit will inspire middle and high school students to become more interested in biology by offering them these experimental materials with a personal twist."
Live cell based imaging is one of the most important topics of this era; Nanopoint offers a family of products especially designed for live cell experimentation in drug discovery, life science, and stem cell research. Nanopoint's cellTRAY Family of products won a gold medal in the 2007 BusinessWeek International Design Excellence Awards in the Medical and Scientific Products category.
Nanopoint's cellTRAY Imaging System Model CT-1000 creates new standards of precision and levels of efficiency for the study of small clusters of live cells, creates new approaches for multiple cell analysis and simultaneous processing required by new drug discovery applications and cell research. Nanopoint's award-winning cellTRAY provides a microarray of etched wells and includes fluidic channels necessary for delivery of drug compounds, nanoparticles and long-term life supporting fluidics.
Nanopoint's cellTRAY Dish is commercially available as a stand-alone product. The cellTRAY Dish was designed to contain the cellTRAY (or any standard microscope slide) during the cell loading, incubation, washing, and staining stages of an experiment. The autoclavable, reusable container is environmentally friendly and can easily replace single-use Petri dishes in many applications.
About Nanopoint, Inc.
Nanopoint, Inc. is a privately-held nano-biotechnology company that is revolutionizing the study and treatment of diseases with its live cell imaging solutions. Nanopoint's cellTRAY Fluidics and Imaging System products have broad applications to life science research, drug discovery, and biopharmaceutical production as well as other areas where live cell analysis is important. For more information, visit the Nanopoint website at
cellTRAY is a registered trademark of Nanopoint, Inc.
Source: Nanopoint
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