Posted: March 20, 2008

First Photonic Ring Resonator Fabricated With Soft UV-Nanoimprint Lithography Presented by AMO and RWTH

(Nanowerk News) Researchers at AMO and the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics at RWTH Aachen realizes an innovative fabrication method for high-quality resonant photonic devices on silicon-on-insulator substrates.
Entry points for the electronic–photonic convergence, heralded recently, rely on the possibility to fabricate photonic structures of silicon at low cost. One of the most promising low-cost fabrication techniques for the emerging field of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) photonics appears to be Ultraviolet Nanoimprint Lithography (UV-NIL), where a transparent and patterned template is pressed into a low viscosity UV-curable resist for structure definition on the substrate.
Referring to the MONA Nanophotonics Technology Roadmap UV-Nanoimprint Lithography is considered as one of the processes with the highest potential impact on nanophotonics with the broadest field of applications and a potential for mass production at the same time. Soft UV-Nanoimprint appears to fulfil the requirements and sensitivity of silicon-based resonant photonics towards retention of precision and alignment. These criteria are stringent optical evaluation tools for this new fabrication method and have been verified by AMO and the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics. They were able to demonstrate successfully the applicability of the low-cost mass-fabrication UV-NIL technology in the emerging field of SOI nanophotonics.
The research activities of the project partners are based on the 6 FP project Circles of Light, supported by the European Community under NaPa Contract NMP4-CT-2003-500120 and the network of excellence ePIXnet.
First results have been published in IEEE Photonics Technology Letters recently.
imprinted microring resonator
SEM-images of a) imprinted microring resonator, b) close-up of right section of resonator
into SOI substrate transferred microring resonator
SEM-images of a) into SOI substrate transferred microring resonator, b) close-up of right section of resonator
Source: AMO
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