Posted: March 21, 2008

New York Times Reports ZAP Best Selling Electric Car at Nation's Top Dealer

(Nanowerk News) The New York Times in a March 9, 2008 article reported that the ZAP (OTCBB:ZAAP) Xebra electric car is the best-selling model at the nation's top electric car dealer.
The New York Times reported that electric car dealer Ecomotion of Portland, Oregon is the top dealer in the nation with about 125 vehicles sold. The article says the dealer sold about 50 of the ZAP Xebra, called the "surprise success" by the Portland Oregonian.
The New York Times article "Alternative Dealers Selling Alternative Power" by Oregon freelance writer Kristen Hall-Geisler covers the growing dealer market for electric cars. The article is available online by searching at under the keyword 'electric car dealers' or at the Internet address below. cp=1&sq=zap&st=nyt&oref=slogin.
Electric car sales are growing with rising gas prices. ZAP sells the Xebra sedan and truck through a network of 50 dealer sales and service centers. Last week Xebra owner Bill Thompson of N. Ft. Myers, Florida told Florida's New-Press that he is spending two cents a mile with his electric car. See an online web interview at in the video section or by using the Internet address below. O/80317039.
About ZAP
ZAP has been a leader in advanced transportation technologies since 1994, delivering over 100,000 vehicles to consumers in more than 75 countries. At the forefront of fuel-efficient transportation with new technologies including energy efficient gas systems, hydrogen, electric, fuel cell, ethanol, hybrid and other innovative power systems, ZAP has a joint venture called Detroit Electric to manufacture electric and hybrid vehicles with Youngman Automotive Group, one of China's leading manufacturers of buses and trucks. Detroit Electric is developing a freeway capable electric vehicle called the ZAP Alias in collaboration with Lotus Engineering. ZAP is also developing a new generation of vehicles using advanced nanotech batteries with Advanced Battery Technologies. The Company recently announced a strategic partnership with Dubai-based Al Yousuf Group to expand its international vehicle distribution. ZAP also makes an innovative, new portable energy technology that manages power for mobile electronics from cell phones to laptops. For product, dealer and investor information, visit
Source: ZAP
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