Posted: March 26, 2008

Short Course: Risk Management for NanoBusinesses

(Nanowerk News) Bringing Nanotechnology Products to Market- how to engender public confidence and exceed the requirements of regulators.   
Negative public perceptions and the possibility of a potentially inappropriate regulatory framework could be serious barriers for UK companies in adopting nanotechnology, and may act as a brake on UK competivity.  
It is vital that managers in organisations producing nanomaterials embrace a professional approach to risk management as means of increasing public confidence, and also demonstrating to the regulatory bodies that all aspects of risk vs benefits are being properly assessed.  
This half-day meeting will provide an introduction to risk management techniques for individuals involved in nanotechnology research and development within companies, universities and facilities.  
Invited Speakers  
Dr Gwo-Sheng Peng, Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan
Dr Gwo-Sheng Peng will discuss the NanoMark certification system established in Taiwan to further encourage domestic manufacturers to develop nanoproducts and upgrade consumers' acceptance of nanoproducts.    
Professor Robert G. Lee, Cardiff University ESRC Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society Cardiff University
Professor Lee will present on nanotechnology regulation in the UK, and whether regulatory structures for products are well adapted to suit nanomaterials, and the difficulties and uncertainties both in introducing products to the market, and thereafter in their life cycle.  
Richard Moore, Manager, Nanomedicine and Lifesciences, Institute of Nanotechnology
Richard Moore has spent 20 years on risk management for medical device companies and will discuss the particular challenges for nano businesses and other nano research and development organizations.
Matthew Clark, Science & Technology Divisional Director, La Playa Insurance
Working in nanotechnology brings some very specific risk exposures, and it is critical that nano enterprises are underpinned with specialist insurance and sound advice.  Matthew Clark of La Playa will describe insurance issues in bringing nano based products to the market.
DATE:  May 7, 2008
TIME: 1:15 - 4:45pm, preceded by a sandwich lunch at 12:30.  
VENUE:  Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA), 66, Portland Place, London  
Early Bird Rate: £100 plus VAT= £117.50 (before April 30th) Standard Rate: £150 plus VAT = £176.25
Email [email protected]  or call her on +44 (0)7717500064 to book. Payment and registration may also be made online at
Source: European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance
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