Posted: March 28, 2008

NanoHorizons President to Present at Techtextil Symposium North America 2008

(Nanowerk News) Dr. Dan Hayes, President and CEO of NanoHorizons, Inc., a leader in the creation of nanoscale antimicrobial performance additives, will address participants at Techtextil Symposium North America 2008 (TTSNA2008) at Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta on Thursday, April 3. His presentation is entitled “Application of Nanotechnology to Fiber and Fabrics.”
“Use of nanomaterial enabled yarns and fabrics has greatly increased in recent years as the cost of commercially available nanomaterials has declined,” says Dr. Hayes. “Unfortunately, effective integration still presents significant technical and economic barriers to the broad scale use of nanoenabled textiles.”
Dr. Hayes will compare strategies for the synthesis and integration of silver nanomaterials into synthetic and non-synthetic polymer systems; thermoplastic resin masterbatches for yarns and laminates; dye-like nanomaterial formulations for synthetic and non-synthetic polymers; and nanomaterial enhanced finishes. He will examine differences in the material impact of nanoparticle incorporation, ion release profiles, antimicrobial performance, and the permanence of silver nanoparticle delivery vehicles associated with these integration methods. Additionally, Dr. Hayes will address end goal nanomaterial design processes and the regulatory framework for using nanomaterial based antimicrobials.
About NanoHorizons, Inc.
NanoHorizons, Inc., with its solid foundation in applied chemistry and engineering, is a leader in the emerging field of practical nanotechnology. Developed for the medical industry and now entering the textile and apparel markets, NanoHorizon’s SmartSilver antimicrobial offers permanent bacterial control for natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics. NanoHorizons is privately held and headquartered in State College, PA. It works closely with customers from its R&D laboratory, manufacturing facility, and technical support office adjacent to The Pennsylvania State University campus.
Source: NanoHorizons
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