Posted: April 1, 2008

Selah Technologies Strengthens Portfolio with License for New Technology

(Nanowerk News) Selah Technologies, an advanced materials manufacturer, has signed a license agreement with Clemson University for a multiphoton imaging technology, an additional capability that strengthens the company’s nano-enabled product set. The application for the new technology focuses on Multiphoton Fluorescence Imaging and Selah Dots™, carbon-based quantum dots that can be used for various applications, including life sciences, solar cells and anticounterfeiting, among others.
“Nanomaterials such as our Selah Dots™ have great potential to provide significant advances in the fight against cancer,” states Dr. Andrew Metters, CTO of Selah Technologies. “In particular, Multiphoton Fluorescence Imaging of specially functionalized Selah Dots™ will provide vital data such as the number and location of cancerous cells in a patient’s body. In contrast to existing diagnostic methods, this information will be immediately available during treatment or surgery to enable physicians to precisely remove all diseased cells while maximizing retention of healthy tissue, thereby improving the survival rates and quality of life for cancer patients.”
Continues Dr. Metters, “The current license agreement strengthens the ongoing relationship between Clemson University and Selah Technologies. This type of industry-university partnership is critical to rapidly moving cutting-edge nanomaterials discoveries out of the laboratory and into the commercial marketplace.”
Clemson has filed for a patent under the title “Photoluminescent Materials for Multiphoton Imaging.” This announcement coincides with Selah Technologies’ presentation today at InnoVenture 2008 being held March 25-26 in Greenville, SC.
About Selah Technologies
Located in Greenville, SC, Selah Technologies, LLC is a privately held advanced materials manufacturing company founded in 2006. Selah’s mission is to consistently deliver high quality nanomaterials and nanotechnology enabled products to the global marketplace. More information may be found at

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Source: QuantumSphere
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