Posted: April 3, 2008

Veeco EnviroScope Selected by French National Scientific Research Center and Thales Joint Laboratory

(Nanowerk News) Veeco Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO), a leading provider of instrumentation to the nanoscience community, announced today that the prestigious 'Unite mixte de Physique' (UMP), a joint laboratory between the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) and Thales Group, has selected the EnviroScope™ Atomic Force Microscope to aid in the lab's cutting-edge physics research. Professor Albert Fert, the 2007 recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics, manages the UMP laboratory, which is based in Palaiseau, France.
The UMP laboratory performs cutting-edge research in spintronics and other small-scale electrical measurements. Veeco's AFMs have a long history of enabling such innovative research and technologies, and the EnviroScope was chosen for its capability to deliver electrical characterization in very high resolution enabled by its vacuum environment.
UMP research engineer Karim Bouzehouane commented, "Veeco's EnviroScope is ideal for our research because of the strong features of the tool. For example, the EnviroScope, while designed to operate under vacuum, is as easy to use as an "in air" system, and it offers flexible software and a powerful controller. In addition, we have had good prior experience with Veeco's products and their excellent customer support."
David Rossi, Vice President, Business Unit Manager of Veeco's Nano-Bio AFM Business commented, "The scientists at CNRS/Thales are leading innovators in the field of advanced physics research. The EnviroScope AFM enables high resolution electrical characterization in vacuum, and we are pleased that they have selected the EnviroScope to aid their research."
Veeco's innovative, high-performance EnviroScope AFM has been engineered specifically to facilitate advanced research under stringent requirements, in vacuum and/or with environmental control. The EnviroScope is ideal for a wide array of cutting-edge applications, such as advanced electrical measurements, temperature-sensitive applications, surface/gas interactions and electrochemistry.
About the Unite mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales Laboratory
The laboratory "Unite mixte de Physique" (UMP) was created in January 1995 and is a joint laboratory between the French CNRS and the industrial company Thales (ex-Thomson-CSF). The UMP has been affiliated with the University Paris-Sud since January 2000. The creation of the UMP strengthened an existing collaboration between Professor Fert at the University Paris-Sud and a group at Thales' central laboratory. This collaboration, centered on studies of magnetic metal multilayers, led to the discovery of the Giant Magnetoresistance effect (GMR) in 1988. This important discovery is applied in the hard disk read process in most computers today. It also brought the development of the research domain to an entity now called Spintronic. Professor Fert received the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics together with Professor Peter Grunberg for the discovery of the GMR effect.
About Veeco
Veeco Instruments Inc. manufactures Process Equipment and Metrology and Instrumentation solutions for the data storage, HB-LED, solar, wireless, semiconductor and scientific research markets. Veeco's manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Arizona and Minnesota. Global sales and service offices are located throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan and APAC.
Source: Veeco
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