Posted: April 8, 2008

Nanogate AG Enters Japanese Market: Cooperation Agreement With Leading Display Supplier

(Nanowerk News) Nanogate AG (ISIN DE000A0JKHC9) secures access to Japanese market: the development partnership with a large supplier for the Asian display industry plans to adapt Dotfarm® optics technology in small format LCDs for consumer electronics. Following successful completion and the announced start of mass production in 2009, Nanogate is anticipating medium seven-figure sales potential.
The newly agreed contract with the Japanese manufacturer also contains a low six-figure share in the product adaptation costs in 2008 and is already the second significant cooperation in the field of LCD applications.
The first cooperation agreement was established in autumn 2007 with one of the largest Asian electronics groups in the world. The Dotfarm® optics technology, developed and patented by Nanogate, replaces the light directing films needed for conventional solutions. The manufacturing costs of backlights for LCD displays are thus reduced by 20-50%. As a nano-structured screen, Dotfarm® optics consists of millions of diffractive gratings that can be individually adjusted, programmed and thus aligned. As a result, light can be directed in a targeted way and, moreover, further intensified. Even the smallest components can be improved with this technology due to the strong miniaturization of the individual gratings.
Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nanogate AG: “The strategy of opening up new international markets is showing great success again. At the same time, the newly agreed contract confirms the performance capability of our Dotfarm® optics technology. Nanogate expects that particularly with small format displays a speedy adaptation for mass production is possible, followed by a quick market launch of the components improved by us. Based on sales projections of considerably more than EUR 10 million in our present field of multifunctional screens, Dotfarm® optics could already achieve significant additional sales and earnings in 2009. Beyond the 2009 financial year, the market for display applications offers a sales potential of at least EUR 50 million for us.”
Nanogate AG has further announced that Nanogate AG’s group financial statement for the 2007 financial year will be published on 24 April 2008. On the same date the company will likewise announce exact sales and earnings forecasts for the current financial year. According to latest indications from the annual audit, the sales forecast for the completed 2007 financial year was fully realised and the earnings projections were exceeded considerably.
Source: Nanogate AG
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