Posted: April 11, 2008

Ambios Technology, Inc. Grows to Meet Expanding Nanotechnology Market

(Nanowerk News) Ambios Technology, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a multi-year agreement doubling the size of its Santa Cruz headquarters. The additional space will be used to substantially increase manufacturing, engineering and research facilities. Ambios Technology makes surface measurement and visualization instruments, including atomic force microscopes, stylus-type profilometers, and scanning white light interferometers. These instruments are the "eyes" of the high-resolution research and nanotechnology industry.
According to Cientifica Ltd., a UK-based nanotech market research firm, the nanotech marketplace excluding semiconductors and microelectronics is expected to grow 36%, annually through 2012. Growth in this market is further substantiated by the U.S. Department of Labor's strategic plan for fiscal years 2006-2011 which stated, "...growth in emerging fields such as nanotechnology -- will accelerate in the coming decades."
"Our steady twenty plus percent growth per year is largely attributable to our access to the emerging nanotechnology market," according to Patrick O'Hara, President and CEO of Ambios Technology. "Increased spending in government, academic and industrial research in nanotechnology has lead to increased revenue for Ambios Technology. As a result, we needed to expand our facilities to meet the needs of our customers in this and other markets."
Ambios Technology Established in 1996, Ambios Technology, Inc. is a privately held company focused on surface measurement and visualization at the nanoscale and is headquartered in California.
Source: Ambios Technology
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