Posted: April 15, 2008

Applied Nanoscience Announces Test Results, NanoMask Progress and Merger Update

(Nanowerk News) Applied Nanoscience Inc. (ANI) (Other OTC:APNN.PK) today announced that it has received highly successful results in a recent expansion phase of testing against its proprietary silver NanoFense™ Technology. Treated filter samples, which had been subjected to a process which simulated aging for one year, were challenged with new virus and bacteria in an effort to demonstrate the broadened capabilities of the company's Nanoparticle - Enhanced - Filtration - Technology platform (NEFT). When the coated filter samples were exposed to the Influenza A virus, a 4.25 log reduction was achieved; equivalent to eradication of more than 99.99% of the virus.
Bacterial challenge results included a 3.38 average log reduction (>99.9%) against Haemophilus Influenzae (H-flu) and a 3.10 average log reduction (>99.9%) against Staphylococcus aureus. Filter media treated with the proprietary formulation which underwent the accelerated one year aging process has now proven successful against five different and dangerous pathogens.
"Armed with these results, we will immediately begin discussions with potential license partners in a number of major consumer markets, apart from the environmental mask market," said Thomas K. Allen, President and CEO, ANI.
Separately, Applied Nanoscience reports that its potential merger partner, Emergency Filtration Products, Inc. (EFP) has informed ANI that it is making substantial progress towards filing a new 510(k) premarket notification for its NanoMask with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ANI intends to supply their proprietary nanoparticle formulation to EFP which use it to coat the NanoMask filter.
According to EFP, it has begun discussions with a number of international distributors and potential customers to whom it could export product from Mexico in advance of receiving clearance from the FDA to sell and manufacture the NanoMask domestically. Although it will take time and capital to re-establish manufacturing operations in Mexico, EFP reports that it could begin manufacturing the NanoMask in Mexico and begin selling the NanoMask to international customers without endangering its 510 (k) premarket notification to the FDA.
On the merger front, ANI and EFP continue to work towards entering a definitive merger agreement along the terms previously announced. The two companies do not expect to enter a definitive agreement until EFP successfully updates all of its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Updating EFP's SEC filings, completion of due diligence and preparing the documents and filings necessary to consummate the merger will require significant financial commitments from both companies.
Applied Nanoscience Inc. is a marketer and developer of innovative, high-performance filtration products, systems and technologies to customers worldwide in a focused effort to provide a safer tomorrow.
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Source: Applied Nanoscience
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