Posted: April 17, 2008

GE Gets $1.72M Nanotechnology Research Contract from U.S. Navy

(Nanowerk News) GE Global Research has won a $1.72 million research contract from the U.S. Navy to explore new techniques to improve high-performance computer technology, GE officials confirmed Wednesday.
Todd Alhart, a spokesman for GE Global Research, said the contract engages GE’s nanotechnology lab to look for ways to cool down computer chips.
“If you can keep them cooler, the systems can realize a fuller potential,” Alhart said.
The Navy’s Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego issued the contract.
Alhart said GE Aviation Systems, formerly Smiths Aerospace, will likely be the first company to attempt to apply the cooling technology, if researchers are successful in developing it. He said GE Aviation Systems develops aviation electronics, known as “avionics,” which control the aircraft and its various systems.
General Electric Co. officials said no additional researchers will likely be needed to fulfill the terms of the contract with the Navy.
“This will be done within our existing work force [in Niskayuna] at our nanotechnology lab. This will be a new project [GE has not researched before],” Alhart said.
Source: Daily Gazette
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