Posted: April 17, 2008

JPK to Host First International Workshop on Optical Tweezers in Life Sciences

(Nanowerk News) This event, organized by JPK Instruments in Berlin, Germany, will be a forum for applications of optical tweezers and tweezers-related technologies in the life sciences and is part of the NanoBioVIEWS™ international meeting series, which has been initiated by JPK Instruments to further the scientific knowledge exchange on instrumentation and applications of nanotechnology in the life sciences.
Invited speakers from leading research groups in Europe and the USA will present their ground-breaking research. The event is accompanied by a poster session with awarding. Leaders in the field together with novices are encouraged to learn from one another, discuss the presentations and share their experiences.
Invited speakers from Europe and the USA will present ground breaking results in three areas: existing and new technology will start the program.
It will be followed with dedicated sessions that investigate single molecules and cellular actions & interactions. The meeting will close with a poster session where delegates are invited to showcase their work to fellow scientists. It is a particularly good forum to see the work of scientists from world-leading groups
Announcing this flagship event, JPK's Director Törsten Jahnke describes the meeting as an excellent way to explore the work in this burgeoning area of science. "As we develop innovative nanotechnology solutions for the life sciences, we are meeting many new groups of scientists with problems of how to apply probe technologies to provide new insight to cell and single molecule behavior. We are now pleased to host a forum for the sharing of such exciting research."

Petra Dammermann

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fax: +49 30 5331 22555

Source: JPK
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