NIL Technology Announces a New Stamp with Photonic Crystal Structures
Posted: April 22, 2008

NIL Technology Announces a New Stamp with Photonic Crystal Structures

(Nanowerk News) NIL Technology now adds a high-accuracy but low-cost photonic stamp in silicon to its existing product line targeted at the growing demand for photonic crystal structures necessary for future photonic devices.
Photonic crystals will comprise the building blocks for next-generation photonic devices. The new photonic stamp is an attempt to contribute to these further developments within devices based on especially active optical components and integrated optics as high brightness LEDs and solid state lighting, besides e.g. bio-medical applications employing photonic crystal structures.
The new photonic stamp features pillar arrays with structure sizes from 125 nm- 275 nm and pitches ranging from 200-500 nm in silicon. The stamp has a very large imprinting (active) area of 4 cm2 making it ideal for pre-production. Based on a novel fabrication technique using electron beam lithography (EBL), the stamps will be sold at a price of only EUR 9,900. Anti-sticking coating and dicing of the stamps are optional extra features.  
“This new stamp is our latest response to the increasing enquiries we get from R&D institutions and companies working within the scientific area of display, lighting and optics. We definitely see an upward going trend and feel compelled to contribute with high quality stamps at a low cost facilitating the efforts of our customers in their pursuit of realizing pioneering end-products enabled by nanoimprint lithography”. Theodor Nielsen, CEO, states.
More information: Ordering and design details - Go to:

NIL Technology ApS

Theodor Nielsen, CEO

Direct: +45 3171 9036

E-mail: [email protected]

Source: NIL Technology
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