Posted: April 22, 2008

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. Announces Release Date And Additional Performance Specifications for Nansulate EPX

(Nanowerk News) Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (Pink Sheets:INTK) today announced that the Company will begin full scale manufacturing and shipping of the Company’s new patented revolutionary Nansulate EPX product next month. The Company also released additional performance specifications.
“We already have distributors and customers with standing orders totaling almost half a million dollars retail value waiting for this product,” states Stuart Burchill, CEO/CTO of Industrial Nanotech, Inc. “We are pleased to announce that we have secured adequate manufacturing and supply chain capabilities to meet the anticipated high volume of sales and are ready to begin production and shipping. There is nothing else like this product on the market and it represents a giant leap forward in energy saving and protective coating technology.”
Nansulate EPX has an industry high thermal insulation capability, with laboratory tests showing a K value of only 0.027 W/mK, combined with exceptional fire resistance and excellent chemical resistance. Nansulate EPX also provides protection against corrosion, the ability to be applied from one eighth inch thick to several inches thick, a rapid cure time, durability in severe service environments, and is a strong, very light weight, easy-to-apply material.
About Nansulate®
Nansulate® is the Company's patented product line of specialty coatings containing a nanotechnology based material and which are well-documented to provide the combined performance qualities of thermal insulation, corrosion prevention, resistance to mold growth, and lead encapsulation in an environmentally safe, water-based, coating formulation. The Nansulate® Product Line includes both industrial and residential coatings.
About Industrial Nanotech, Inc.
Industrial Nanotech, Inc. is quickly emerging as a global nanoscience solutions and research leader. The Company develops and commercializes new and innovative applications for nanotechnology. Additional information about the Company and its products can be found at their websites, ( and (
Source: Industrial Nanotech
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