Posted: April 23, 2008

Ecology Coatings Launches EcoQuik Product Line

(Nanowerk News) Ecology Coatings, Inc. (OTCBB: ECOC), a leader in the discovery and development of ultra-violet curable, cleantechnology advanced materials, today announced the launch of its EcoQuik™ line of cleantechnology coating products, which provide new capabilities for manufacturers around the world. The three new families of coating products, EcoQuik Clear Coatings, EcoQuik Pigmented Coatings and EcoQuik Barrier Coatings, target markets in excess of $21.42 billion for the North America (Frost & Sullivan 2007).
The factors driving the growth of UV-cured coatings include the push for cleantechnology, reduced energy usage, and increased productivity through lean manufacturing. Ecology Coatings' new line of EcoQuik products is based on a proprietary technology that, unlike traditional coatings, uses no solvents, zero hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and, through the use of UV curing, significantly reduces energy use by over seventy percent, increases production and decreases capital equipment costs.
Statistics indicate that the growth of UV-cured coatings in North America is currently over seven percent annually, and with new innovative coatings, such as Ecology Coatings' EcoQuik nano-enabled coatings, should continue to grow at five to ten percent per year (PCI
According to Coatings World, UV-curable coatings represent the fastest growing coating segment as they provide numerous advantages including rapid curing. Ecology's coatings cure in mere seconds, leave less scrap, employ less floor space, reduce work in process, cut utility usage, eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and improve product performance.
"We are excited about the launch of our cleantechnology EcoQuik family of coatings and their ability to address the needs of many vertical markets," commented Ecology Coatings Chairman and CEO Richard D. Stromback. The EcoQuik line includes products for the automotive, electronics, industrial, medical device, and paper markets, among many others. The Chemark Consulting Group, a firm focused on the coatings, adhesives and sealants industries, suggests the global UV-cured coatings market is expected to reach approximately $1.8 billion by 2012.
"I believe we are positioned to become a leader in this market," continued Stromback. "Our goal is to establish additional partnerships with Fortune 500 companies for the commercialization of our coatings in strategic markets. Based on our prospective sales and marketing pipeline, we expect to announce a number of joint development and licensing agreements over the next six to 12 months."
EcoQuik Clear Coating Formulations
Target industries include: Appliances, Architectural, Automotive, Industrial, Packaging & Labels, Paper, and Transportation
  • Acrylic clear coating for engineering polymer films combines hardness and scratch resistance with high optical clarity and flexibility.
  • Acrylic clear urethane coating provides unequaled hardness, adhesion and corrosion resistance for metal products.
  • Aliphatic clear urethane coating combines excellent adhesion with weatherability and humidity resistance for fiberglass.
  • EcoQuik Pigmented Coating Formulations
    Target industries include: Appliances, Architectural, Automotive, Industrial, Packaging & Labels, Paper, and Transportation
  • Automotive-quality acrylic urethane meets specifications for a wide variety of uses within the automotive industry.
  • Modified acrylic is clear or pigmented and achieves high hardness while providing flexibility and abrasion resistance to steel products.
  • Aliphatic urethane provides a long life to metal and wood in harsh outdoor environments. The urethane adheres to aluminum, titanium and wood, bestowing high hardness, impact and abrasion resistance, while resisting yellowing.
  • EcoQuik Barrier Coating Formulations
    Target industries include: Consumer Products, Industrial, Packaging & Labels, and Paper
  • Modified acrylic for use on paper and labels renders it water resistant but printable.
  • Modified urethane acrylic for use on metals combines high corrosion resistance with high performance film properties.
  • Urethane acrylates are used on engineering plastics to enhance humidity and wear resistance.
  • About Ecology Coatings, Inc.
    Ecology Coatings is a global leader in the development of nano-enabled, ultra-violet curable, cleantechnology coatings that are designed to drive efficiencies and clean processes in manufacturing. The company creates proprietary coatings with unique performance attributes by leveraging its platform of integrated nanomaterial technologies. Ecology Coatings collaborates with industry leaders to develop high-value, high-performance coatings for applications in the paper, automotive, general industrial, electronic, and medical sectors of the economy. Ecology Coatings was founded in March 1990 and is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The company maintains an R&D facility in Akron, Ohio. For additional information call 248.723.2223 or visit the company's website at
    Source: Ecology Coatings
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