Creuros Clarify Statement Made By Oxonica About Italian Envirox Trials
Posted: April 25, 2008

Creuros Clarify Statement Made By Oxonica About Italian Envirox Trials

(Nanowerk News) Creuros Srl, Italian distributor for Oxonica’s Envirox fuel additive technology would like to clarify statements made in Oxonica’s press on 18 February 2008 and repeated in its recent 2007 preliminary results presentation on 17th March 2008.
The statements made in the press release in relation to test results in Italian trials of Envirox, should be clarified.
Oxonica claimed in its Press Release on 18 February 2008:
“In addition to the successful Stagecoach validation trial, Envirox™ has achieved further positive test results and has made significant commercial progress in mainland Europe and Russia: A recently completed bus trial in Italy demonstrated fuel savings of 4.8% after 3 months and 10.6% after 6 months.”
Both Creuros and the bus company in question are not convinced of the fuel savings claimed by Oxonica, which were measured on a fleet size of 5 vehicles. It is the opinion of Creuros that the data produced was far too variable and inconsistent to draw any conclusions.
Creuros also took issue with the selective reporting of laboratory emission results claimed for Envirox.
Oxonica claimed in its Release: “Oxonica has recently completed an additional piece of work in collaboration with Stagecoach at a major, independent, vehicle testing facility in the UK that demonstrated reductions in particulate emissions of 18% after 3 months. An independent vehicle laboratory test in Italy also showed reductions in particulate emissions of up to 19%.”
Creuros would also like to clarify that the product used in the Italian laboratory trial was not Envirox but an additive called Envirox Premium Plus, which is believed to be Envirox mixed with a commercially available additive package. When used on its own, it is common for such additive packages to give emission reductions. The dose ratio of the additive for the trials was also doubled from 1:1000 to 1:500 which may have effected the result in a positive way. Whilst at one particular part of the test gave particulate mass reductions of 19%, the measured number of PM10 (very small particles less than 10 microns) increased by 73%.
Stefano Livi, CEO of Creuros said, “I find it wholly disturbing that laboratory emission results are selectively reported and that the fuel economy benefits reported are not shared by us or the customer. We have invested over 4 years of hard work and also approx Euro 300,000 developing the market for Envirox which has been a waste of valuable time and money.”
For further information, please contact:

Stefano Livi, CEO

+39 06 65024276

About Creuros
Creuros Srl is an Italian company committed to reducing Italy’s dependence on fossil fuels and promoting energy efficient technologies for buildings, transportation, power generation and industry. Creuros aim to enhance public energy efficiency and productivity; bring clean, renewable and affordable energy technologies to the marketplace.
Product verification and demonstration is conducted in partnership with the private sector, national and local government, national laboratories, and universities.
Source: Creuros
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