Posted: May 5, 2008

Molecular Imprint Announced the Latest Addition to Its Family of Step and Flash Imprint Lithography Tools

(Nanowerk News) Molecular Imprints, Inc., a market and technology leader for nanopatterning systems and solutions, today introduced the Imprio® HD 2200—the latest addition to its family of Step and Flash Imprint Lithography (S-FIL®) tools for hard disk drive (HDD) applications. The Imprio HD 2200 is the first system to enable both development and pilot-production of patterned media applications. Its precision patterning fidelity, fully automated double-sided disk patterning capability and high throughput of 180 disks per hour all contribute to significant advantages in performance and cost of ownership (CoO) over alternative technologies.
Molecular Imprints has received multiple advance orders for the new Imprio HD 2200 tool, and will deliver the first unit to Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) in mid-2008. Additional tool deliveries to customers will occur in the second half of the year. These initial orders follow customer acceptance for Molecular Imprints’ single-sided Imprio 1100 system—bringing the total number of Imprio systems ordered by HDD customers to seven. By using these systems to pattern the media in the drive, the HDD industry can significantly increase memory density in next-generation hard disk drives. Due to this and other advantages, HDD manufacturers are beginning to standardize on Molecular Imprints’ S-FIL technology for their commercial discrete track recording (DTR) and bit patterned media (BPM) roadmaps.
“Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has set in motion a series of developments to usher in patterned media innovation, which is the next big technology transition in the hard disk drive industry,” said Ryo Suzuki, General Manager of Research and Advanced Technology for Hitachi GST. “We expect the Imprio HD 2200 and Molecular Imprints’ Step and Flash Imprint Lithography to play a critical role in our efforts to accelerate the advancement of storage technologies. The pattern fidelity, CD uniformity and other important product characteristics demonstrate an advanced level of quality today that will be critical to the success of this breakthrough technology.”
“We developed the Imprio HD 2200 to meet the pressing needs of our disk drive customers, who will transition to patterned media applications in the near future both to increase storage capacities and reduce the cost per bit stored,” said Mark Melliar-Smith, CEO of Molecular Imprints. “With this advanced system, disk drive manufacturers can move from researching patterned media applications to full-scale development and pilot-production efforts. At the heart of the Imprio HD 2200 system is our core Drop-on-DemandTM material application technology, which will ensure that the industry’s future high-volume production needs are also met for both discrete track recording and bit patterned media.”
The Imprio HD 2200 represents part of a comprehensive nanopatterning solution, encompassing expert process support, low-viscosity resists and template fabrication. Molecular Imprints’ S-FIL technology provides unmatched CoO, resolution and extendibility advantages over other technologies such as spin-on UV imprint and thermal imprint. Because the S-FIL process leverages Molecular Imprints’ proprietary Drop-on-Demand technology, which places low-viscosity resists only where needed, consumables are not wasted and there is no need to purchase a costly and space-consuming track as required by spin-on UV processes. Spin-on UV processes also use considerably more resist, some 99 percent of which is spun off as expensive waste that must be disposed. In addition, since Molecular Imprints’ S-FIL technology is a liquid, room-temperature process, it does not encounter the thermal distortions associated with the baking step or the defect issues associated with the lamination pressure of thermal imprint processes.
About Molecular Imprints, Inc.
Molecular Imprints, Inc. (MII) is a technology leader for high-resolution, low cost-of-ownership nanopatterning systems and solutions in the hard disk drive (HDD) and semiconductor industries. MII is leveraging its innovative Step and Flash Imprint Lithography (S-FIL®) with Drop-on-DemandTM material application technology to become the worldwide market and technology leader in high-volume patterning solutions for storage and memory devices, while enabling emerging markets in optics, biotechnology, and other industries. MII enables nanoscale patterning by delivering a comprehensive nanopatterning solution that is affordable, compatible and extendible to sub-10- nanometer resolution levels. For more information, visit
Source: Molecular Imprints
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