Posted: May 5, 2008

nGimat Issued US Patent Covering Low Temperature Vapor Deposition Methods for Making Nanopowders and Thin Films

(Nanowerk News) nGimat Co. announced today the issuance of its 46th U.S. patent, No. 7,351,449, entitled “Chemical vapor deposition methods for making powders and coatings, and coatings made using these methods.” This invention enables significantly reduced processing temperatures of nanoengineered materials and thin films of any elemental composition or compound onto a wide range of substrates, including polymers, in an open atmosphere.
“We are very excited about the broad protection this patent provides,” said Andrew Hunt, nGimat’s CEO/CTO. “This is a platform technology for nGimat and our licensees in making nanoengineered products -- from anti-microbial and superhydrophobic coatings to nanopowder products that have such uses as electronic inks, catalysts, 100+ year long-lasting pigments, and medical applications.”
The technology covered by this patent includes methods of coating and powder materials processing, including chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which makes it possible to reduce the substrate temperatures to allow deposition to occur without damaging the substrate. This is particularly useful in the production of the barrier or electrochemical coatings on polymers, as well as protective or insulating coatings for metal foil and electromechanical windings.
A compelling advantage of nGimat’s method is the ability to deposit films in the open atmosphere without any costly furnace, vacuum, or reaction chamber. Instead of a specialized environment, which is required by other technologies, a combustion flame provides the necessary environment for the deposition of elemental constituents from solution, vapor, or gas sources.
Through its core technology of NanoSpraySM Combustion Processing, nGimat is a cost-effective manufacturer and innovator of nanoEngineered MaterialsSM in the following areas: nanopowders, thin films and devices. For more information, please visit
Source: nGimat
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