Posted: May 6, 2008

Voxtel Announces Negotiation of Long-term Lease at Lorry I. Lokey Nanotechnology Laboratories

(Nanowerk News) Today, Voxtel, Inc. announces it has completed the negotiation of a long-term lease to occupy private development laboratories at the ONAMI (Orgeon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute) Lorry I. Lokey Laboratories located at the University of Oregon (UO) Eugene campus.
The Integrative Science Center at the Lorry I. Lokey Laboratories represents world-class facilities and infrastructure for scientific research. It provides Voxtel access to one of the world’s largest and deepest collections of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies and provides Voxtel with a significant time and infrastructure advantage in the global race for innovation.
George Williams, Voxtel’s President and CEO states, “As a small business, locating our nanotechnology development operations in the Lorry I. Lokey Laboratories provides Voxtel with a compelling competitive edge that would otherwise only be available to the largest of corporate research laboratories. The unique combination of resources available at the Integrative Science Center allows Voxtel to conduct world-class research, to innovate, and to rapidly develop and market new technology so that we can successfully compete on a global scale.”
About Voxtel, Inc.
Voxtel, Inc., of Beaverton, OR, is a provider of optoelectronic devices using novel semiconductor architectures and nanotechnology-engineered materials, and a leading developer of sophisticated detectors and electro-optical imaging systems for a wide range of government, industrial, and scientific markets. Their product technologies include near-infrared laser radar (LADAR) receivers, radiation hardened imagers for space applications, highly sensitive avalanche photodiodes for fiber and freespace telecommunications, and nanotechnology-engineered materials. For more information, visit Voxtel’s website at
Source: Voxtel
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