Posted: May 8, 2008

ARM Puts $1Million in VLSI Lab in Bangalore

(Nanowerk News) British microchip designer ARM Holdings has invested $1 million to set up a VLSI test lab at its Bangalore design center. The lab, which is starting off operations with 12 people on its rolls, will provide testing and validation services for SoC (system-on-chip) development out of the company's Bangalore center.
This would enable ARM to double capacity of its Indian operations by the end of the third quarter of the year, ARM CEO Warren East said on Wednesday.
"Test chips developed by ARM will go through final validation at the new VLSI test lab," East said, adding the lab had been started to facilitate the requirements of ARM's partners. "Design verification is now integral to validating SoC designs. In tandem with developing our physical libraries, we have been designing computer models of test chips to verify and test our customer designs. With the new VLSI lab, we will provide a full complement of design services to our global partners. The Bangalore center. will also become the only one incorporating all of ARM's IP range, besides the Cambridge center.," East said.
The testing and support services would be driven by VLSI library analysis as well as physical IP to correlate design parameters with silicon response, Anil Gupta, managing director India Operations, ARM Embedded Technologies, said.
"We have worked on combining IP development expertise with test chip design and test engineers at the same location in Bangalore. This will help reduce the overall silicon validation cycle time, enabling us to turn around data to our partners quickly. This helps accelerate our release schedule for products designed with ARM's patented physical IP," East said.
ARM employs approximately 350 people at its Bangalore operations, of which about 160 people are involved in developing the company's physical IP business. A lot of implementation work for ARM's Cortex microprocessor range for partner licensees is currently done from Bangalore.
With over 1,700 people on its rolls, Cambridge, UK-based ARM's physical IP range includes standard cells, embedded microcontrollers, memory compilers, power management kits, general purpose I/Os and specialty I/Os, which include 65 nano meter and 45 nano meter processes for leading foundries.
Source: Business Standard
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