New Prominence nano From Shimadzu Delivers High-Precision Nano Flow-Rate Gradient Analysis For LC
Posted: May 13, 2008

New Prominence nano From Shimadzu Delivers High-Precision Nano Flow-Rate Gradient Analysis For LC

(Nanowerk News) Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduced the Prominence nano, a high-performance liquid chromatograph that supports high-precision gradient analysis by providing advanced flow-rate precision in the nano flow-rate range.
Prominence nano delivers exact flow rates via two LC-20ADnano pumps that are independently controlled by feedback from integrated high-precision nano flow sensors. The instrument's Reflux Flow Control System (patent pending) stabilizes solvent delivery and ensures low solvent consumption with no disposal of split flow, minimizing environmental impact.
Prominence nano is configured with Shimadzu's FCV nano switching valve to optimize bio sample analysis in the nL/min level for trap injection and 2-D LC applications. With the low dead volume FCV nano, the volume between ports is as low as 25 nL, so there is virtually no peak broadening in the nano flow-rate range. The valve also minimizes clogging caused by friction and reduces adsorption of analytical samples relative to typical flow-switching valves.
Nano-Assist control software and the graphical user interface on the Prominence nano LC simplify complex gradient programming for 2-D LC. Complete control and monitoring of instrument parameters can be achieved independently using Nano-Assist, while its design allows the Prominence nano to be used with any manufacturer's mass spectrometer. The software's visual presentation of flow-line connections and gradient curves helps prevent programming errors.
The Prominence nano demonstrates its maximum capabilities when combined with a mass spectrometer. Matched with a Shimadzu LCMS-IT-TOF via the nano-ESI interface (NES-100), or to a MALDI-TOF MS with the AccuSpot MALDI spotter, the Prominence nano LC provides outstanding results and a total solution for proteomic analyses.
Source: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
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