ALIO Industries and Kohzu Precision Co. Form Partnership
Posted: May 14, 2008

ALIO Industries and Kohzu Precision Co. Form Partnership

(Nanowerk News) Kohzu Precision Co. and ALIO Industries, the world’s leading nano-precision motion systems company are joining forces to expand the availability of both companies’ products for improving production capabilities and the advancement of emerging market technology. ALIO Industries will be the sales distributor for Kohzu products in the Americas; in turn ALIO will supply their nano-precision products and systems for Kohzu to distribute throughout Japan and other Asian markets via private label.
Bill Hennessey, founder and CEO of ALIO Industries commented, “Kohzu has been designing and manufacturing precision products for half a century and we’ve been impressed with the quality and performance of their systems. Their philosophy is consistent with the design philosophies of ALIO Industries and we see this partnership as an excellent opportunity to offer complementary products in both of our markets. We are honored to be associated with Kohzu, as they are as passionate about their products and designs as we are.”
Dan Crews, ALIO General Manager, is enthusiastic about the partnership. “ALIO and Kohzu share a passion for excellence and both strive to provide the highest performing motion systems in the world market. We are pleased that Mr. Kohzu and Kohzu’s Board of Directors recognize our common focus. The combination of ALIO and Kohzu products in the America’s and Asian markets allows us to offer complete motion systems that are currently not available from one source in the world.”
Source: Alio Industries
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