Posted: May 15, 2008

NT-MDT Team Up to Develop New Nanotechnology Educational Portal

(Nanowerk News) NT-MDT, a world-known manufacturer of AFM and SPM microscopes, and Nano & Giga Solutions, a networking research and consulting company in Arizona, have signed an agreement for a joint development of an informal educational web portal ASDN.NET (Atomic Scale Design Network) in atomic scale science – fundamentals for nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology being defined as “a field of applied science and technology whose unifying theme is the control [and fabrication] of matter on the atomic and molecular scale” (see wikipedia and other internet resources) is quickly expanding its area from science savvy geeks and gurus to the general publics attention. For future generations of engineers, fundamental knowledge of atomic scale materials structure and design will be critical to be competitive as an engineering professional. Meanwhile high school science curriculum in many countries are behind the technology curve and students are missing out due to lack of resources.
NT-MDT has joined and supported an initiative of Anatoli Korkin, President of Nano & Giga Solutions in developing an informative and entertaining educational web portal, which is dedicated to enhance public knowledge in all aspect of “atomistics” from inorganic materials to bio molecules and demonstrate how new phenomena appear from different combinations of chemically bound atoms as their number and variety increases. Combining some of the ideas of poplar web portals, such as Wikipedia and MySpace, ASDN invites scientists, teachers and students to develop their pages on their favorite subjects in atomic scale science and nanotechnology. Expressing personalities and humor are welcome and encouraged on this very informal web site.
Source: NT-MDT
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