Posted: May 20, 2008

Unidym Demonstrates First Full Color Active Matrix LCD Using a Carbon Nanotube-Based Transparent Electrode

(Nanowerk News) Unidym, Inc, a majority-owned subsidiary of Arrowhead Research Corporation, announced today the world’s first full color active matrix LCD made with carbon nanotube (CNT) components. This engineering prototype is currently being demonstrated in Unidym’s booth (#504) at the Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The new active matrix LCD was made in collaboration with Silicon Display Technology based in Seoul, Korea.
“Unidym’s engineers and scientists worked closely with Silicon Display Technology to produce this fully functional active matrix LCD incorporating our carbon nanotube-based transparent electrodes on the color filter,” said Art Swift, Unidym’s CEO. “This full color AMLCD clearly shows that carbon nanotubes are ready to be deployed in high quality active matrix devices. This prototype not only shows the robust qualities of CNT technology compared to the traditional ITO but also demonstrates the integration of our lower cost replacement technology into the LCD fabrication process.”
“The carbon nanotube-based transparent electrodes developed by Unidym are superior in quality and durability compared to ITO electrodes,” says Professor Jin Jang, the CEO of Silicon Display Technology. “Unidym’s electrodes are very flexible and have excellent applications for display components due to their transparency at all wavelengths of visible light and their excellent uniformity. They could also be utilized in other applications such as solar cells, OLEDs and electrophoretic displays.”
Silicon Display Technology is a Korean company founded in 2000 by Professor Jang which is focused on providing a variety of services to companies working in display technologies and manufacturing. Professor Jang is a member of the faculty at Kyunghee University in Seoul, Korea.
“Unidym’s nanotube materials proved easy to integrate into the AMLCD,” said Dr. Paul Drzaic, Unidym’s Chief Technical Officer and current president of the Society for Information Display. “It is important to note that we used conventional fab equipment to build the display, demonstrating that there is a direct path towards integrating nanotube technology into today’s high volume manufacturing processes for liquid crystal displays. Coupled with the cost savings that a nanotube process can bring to the table, we expect strong interest in this technology.”
With over 6000 members, SID is the leading international professional society exclusively devoted to the advancement of electronic-display technology, manufacturing, and applications. SID promotes industry and academic technology development, and educates the general public on coming trends in display technology. SID provides a forum for the display industry’s leaders that accelerates progress and collaboration.
About Unidym, Inc.
Unidym ( is a leader in the manufacture and application of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), a novel material with extraordinary electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. Unidym provides bulk materials, CNT-enabled products, and intellectual property to a wide range of customers and business partners. As a result of its recent merger with CNI, Unidym possesses a foundational patent portfolio that covers nearly every aspect of CNT manufacturing and processing as well as multiple product applications.
Unidym is focused on the electronics industry where its initial products include transparent electrodes for touch screens, flat panel displays, solar cells, solid state lighting; electrodes for fuel cells; and thin film transistors for printable electronics. Unidym is also pursuing an aggressive, cross-industry partnership strategy to capture value from the wide ranging uses of CNTs. Unidym’s licensing program, technical expertise and manufacturing facilities are designed to enable partners to rapidly develop CNT solutions for their specific applications.
Unidym is a majority-owned subsidiary of Arrowhead Research Corporation (NASDAQ:ARWR).
About Silicon Display Technology
Silicon Display Technology was founded in early 2000 and is focused on providing services for R&D of TFT displays such as active-matrix liquid-crystal display (AMLCD) and AM organic light-emitting display. Most of the small and medium sized companies working in the area of TFT-LCD, TFT-OLED, finger-print image sensors and digital X-rays do not have the facilities required for the TFT processes. Silicon Display Technology provides R&D facilities and services for such companies. Its strengths are in areas such as simulation of AMLCD, AMOLED, and image sensors, design of those devices, and CAD of the TFT arrays. It also has facilities for processing TFT arrays, characterizing TFT devices, and fabrication of those displays incorporating the TFT arrays. For more information, please visit

Unidym, Inc.

Robert Bismuth, 650-462-1935

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Arrowhead Research

Virginia Dadey, 212-541-3707

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Source: Unidym, Inc.
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